LIVETARGET’s Swimbait Secret is Out By FTR Staff February 22, 2017

At ICAST 2016, the secret of LIVETARGET’s new swimbait series got out. But not only did LIVETARGET up the ante on swimbait designs, it has now forged ahead with premier video instructional and reseller promotional tools that showcase the unique designs of this multi-species lure family.LIVETARGET has recruited Scott Martin, currently reigning as the world’s number one bass angler, according to Bassfan, to teach and instruct anglers on how to be productive and effective on the water with techniques and equipment to maximize the new Swimbait Series lineup. Unlike prior written instruction guides, this primer on swimbaits includes on-the-water video content and in-depth product insights to make even seasoned veterans better swimbait anglers.  LIVETARGET represents these swimbaits as “live bait redefined,” and they feature anatomically-correct lure designs that are so freakishly lifelike you’d believe that they just came from a bait tank.