Todd Bayless & John Napier Win Morristown Marine Tournament Trail – March 4,2017





The Morristown Marine Team Trail Invitational started the 2017 with another record breaking participation of 238 teams.  The week started out warm then mixed with some rain, wind and colder temperatures before a warm up on Saturday with a lot of sunshine.  Fishing conditions changed throughout the week. 

Todd Bayless (Middlesboro, KY) and John Napier (Middlesboro, KY) maintained a narrow lead over the 2nd place team with 17.68 lbs, and the 1st place check of $10,000.00. 

2nd Place went to Burton and Willie Bryan (Sevierville, TN) were 2nd with 17.60 lbs.  In addition to 2nd place winnings of $3500.00 the Bryans also received 1st Highest Finishing Skeeter/Yamaha Gray Nationwide for $3500.00 and Highest Finishing Lowrance for an additional $500.00 totaling $7500.00 for the day.   

3rd place went to Josh Roark (Bean Station, TN) and Allen Smith (Rutledge, TN) with 17.35 lbs, a check for $2500.00 as well as 2nd Highest Finishing Skeeter/Yamaha Gray Nationwide $2500.00 and 2nd Highest Finishing Lowrance $500.00 totaling $5500.00.
4th place was Clint and Jessee Harrison (Georgetown, TN) with 17.23 lbs and a check for $1500.00. 

Finishing out the top 5 places was Eddie Huff (Bluff City, TN) and Daniel Taylor (Elizabethton, TN) with 16.93 lbs. and a check for $1,000.00.  

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The top 10 Skeeter/Yamaha boat owners to receive the Skeeter/Yamaha/Morristown Marine/Nationwide Ins. payout totaling $10,500.00 were as follows:

1st Highest Finishing Skeeter:  Burton Bryan / Willie Bryan $3500.00
2nd Highest Finishing Skeeter: Josh Roark / Allen Smith $2500.00
3rd Highest Finishing Skeeter:  David Morgan / Ben Boggs $1500.00
4th Highest Finishing Skeeter:  Jeremy Swanson / Jon Lawson $1000.00
5th Highest Finishing Skeeter:  Keith McDeerman / Von Dilbeck $750.00
6th Highest Finishing Skeeter:  Hunter Hamilton / Justin Crisp $500.00
7th Highest Finishing Skeeter:  Clifford Bunch / Paul Napier $250.00
8th Highest Finishing Skeeter:  Jackie Nicely / Earl Kitts  $200.00
9th Highest Finishing Skeeter:  Bill Jenkins / Larry Neal  $175.00
10th Highest Finishing Skeeter: Randy Rigg / Barry Stough $125.00

The Jeremy Gordon State Farm Big Largemouth Award went to Cole Philpot  and Cody Roberts with a 5.50 lb. Largemouth. They received a check for $1180.00 and (2) Rods valued at $200.00

The Jeremy Gordon State Farm Big Smallmouth Award went to Nick Leever and Amanda Hardwick with a 5.29 lb. Smallmouth. They received a check for $1180.00 and (2) Rods valued at $200.00.

The (2) Highest Finishing Gray Insurance Agency teams with insurance through Gray Insurance Agency/Nationwide Lafollette, TN were:  Jeremy Swanson / Jon Lawson and Keith McDeerman / Von Dilbeck.  Both teams received checks for $250.00

The (2) Highest Finishing teams with Lowrance Electronics received a check for $500.00.