Strike King Lil’ Money Spinnerbait Review By Walker Smith March 23,2017


Strike King Lil’ Money Spinnerbait Review

Walker Smith

March 23,2017

This spinnerbait gets a lot of bites when you’re faced with tough fishing conditions.

Finesse spinnerbaits are a popular option, especially on pressured fisheries. Simply downsizing the standard profile can make a world of difference when you’re having a tough time getting bites. I fish some tough lakes around the house, so I’ve seen this first-hand. I do not go fishing without a small spinnerbait somewhere in my boat.

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time this year fishing with the Strike King Lil’ Mr. Money Spinnerbait. It’s a small, 3/16-ounce spinnerbait and it catches bass of all sizes.

Here’s why I like it so much.