Photo by Walker Smith/Wired2Fish

Tackle Talk: Gene Larew Hoodaddy

Walker Smith

April 11,2017

This soft plastic bass fishing bait has an excellent blend of bulk and profile that allows for lots of bites all year long.

I’m in the process of weeding out a bunch of plastics from my boat. They add a bunch of unnecessary weight and let’s be honest—many of them look just alike. It’s hard to reinvent soft plastics. So if I haven’t fished ‘em in a while, they go straight into my bulk storage bins.

One bait that will never leave my boat is the Gene Larew Hoodaddy. I’ve fished this bait for years and it’s one of my favorite flipping and pitching baits. I know that regardless of where I’m fishing, this thing will catch ‘em. Period.

Here’s why it’s such an important part of my lineup.