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Doomsday Tackle Company “The 47” Rod Review by Jason Sealock


Doomsday Tackle Company “The 47” Rod Review

(Photo: Jason Sealock)

Doomsday Tackle Company is one of the newer fishing tackle manufacturers to introduce a line of bass fishing rods to the market. The company was bought and relaunched a couple years ago by Will Stewart, who cut his teeth for years designing tackle for Pure Fishing in the ultra competitive Korean fishing market. Since taking over DTC, he’s been working feverishly to introduce new soft baits and now technique-specific rods to the bass fishing market relying heavily on his experience in the Korean market, whose anglers demand Japanese quality fishing tackle but at very affordable prices.

His new line of Doomsday Tackle Company “The47” rods impress from first glance with the classic look and styling, but after fishing with them for 6 months now, I can say they offer much more in development and design at affordable prices than eye-catching cosmetics. They have become some of my favorite new rods of 2018. If you’re in the market for a new bass fishing stick with a budget of $140, then you should read through some of the experiences with these rods.