Quik Measure Pro Review by Bruce Callis Sept 10th 2018



Have you ever been out fishing and wondered how long a fish was but forgot your measuring board or a tape measure? Whether you are on a boat or on the bank, you can always forget something. I have and I got to test the perfect solution to this problem, The Quik Measure Pro. A simple little tape measure that you apply to your rod, something you will not leave behind.
Quik Measure Pro is a family-owned business right here in the United States and the product is proudly made here by American workers. They take pride in helping you enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. The tape is visible on on all rod colors. It is also great for boats, coolers, tackleboxes, kayaks, spearfishing, nets, fly fishing, and more.

The Quik Measure Pro comes packaged with 2 transparent tape measures, 2 alcohol prep pads and the instructions on how to apply it. When I first got it I was like how is this going to help me, another tape measure to stick in my box. But then I looked closer and found out how wrong I was. Of course, being a guy, I only half read the instructions and cleaned my rod with the prep pad and stuck the tape on my rod. Granted, it has been working fine, even with it getting rained on numerous times. I also found out that where you place it has a lot to do with how easy it is to measure a fish. I placed the tape along the side of the rod thinking I could just lay the rod on its side and do my measure, but in reality rods with the reel attached don’t sit well on their side. Either along the face, which would only work up to the first guide or on the back of the rod will really work.

Once you get your Quik Measure Pro, you will need the following items to get started, a flat surface, a hair dryer, and a pair of scissors to cut the tape to the length you want. Take a alcohol prep pad out of the package and wipe down the rod where you want to apply the tape. Next, take the tape out and peel back the backing enough to allow you to apply the start of the tape to your rod against the base of the rod where it meets the handle. Just apply it along the center of the tape, making sure to not apply the edges, working it down the rod, working it along the ridges and valleys of the rod to the end of the tape. Avoid stretching the tape out as you apply it so as not to effect the accuracy of the measurement. Place the hair dryer on the edge of the table facing you, set to hot, being careful not to burn the table. Hold the rod in front of the airflow from the dryer, being careful not to burn your hand, fingers, or rod. Working from the base of the tape, work the tape edges down from the center out, working out any air bubbles as to work all the way to the tip. It is recommended that you allow the rod to rest for at least 24 hours in a dry, 70 degree plus room before using.

I found that it was very easy to use to check to see just how long the fish was, once I placed the measure tape in the right place. Taking a picture with the rod laying flat, with the measure tape on the back of the rod, may be a little difficult with the curve of the rod, but it is possible. It is not meant to replace a measuring board for tournament anglers who need to have an approved board, but it will help as often we need to know if it of legal length or if it beats out the smallest length we already have.

You can buy the Quik Measure Pro at www.quikmeasurepro.com or on Amazon. The 2 pack sells for only $11.95. Get your Quik Pro Measure today and never worry about leaving the tape measure behind.