The 4 Biggest Misconceptions of Frog Fishing By Walker Smith


Fishing a hollow-bodied frog is one of the most exciting ways to catch giant bass. Whether you’re fishing from a boat or simply from shore, there’s plenty of frog-fishing action for every angler to enjoy. I can’t name a single red-blooded human being who doesn’t smile ear-to-ear when a big bass explodes on their frog.

It’s been interesting, however, to see how many misconceptions have been formed about this effective technique. I was talking to my longtime friend and Elite Series pro Patrick Walters a few weeks ago and we got on the subject of frog fishing. He got a little fired up because in his opinion, anglers simply aren’t using the frog to its full advantage. After our conversation, I have to admit—he made some darn good points.

I’ll let you in on our conversation and give you a look inside the mind of one of the best shallow-water anglers on tour.