MotorGuide Tour Trolling Motor Review By Walker Smith


I’ve honestly lost count of the number of trolling motors I’ve had on my bass boat; I think I’m out of room to drill anymore holes for different mounting brackets. While the bow of the poor old boat may look like swiss cheese, this constant swapping and testing has given me a unique opportunity to try a bunch of different trolling motors over the years. I’ve seen some pretty cool advancements and some head scratchers through time.

For the past six months, I’ve been using the newest iteration of the MotorGuide Tour Trolling Motor. I’m a big shallow-water guy, so I’ve been beating the tar out of it. I’ve logged hundreds of hours and have banged it into stumps, grinded it into sandbars and accidentally hit some rocks with it. This trolling motor is built like a tank. I can’t really say it any other way.

I’m going to go over my experiences and share some of the most noteworthy characteristics of this highly anticipated trolling motor.