Seeing Is Believing by Jacob Stephens

October 25, 2022

Seeing Is Believing
by Jacob Stephens


A good pair of sunglasses is essential when you spend as much time on the water as we do as Anglers. Not only do they help you see spawning fish or beds in the Spring, they also cut the glare and allow you to see shallow structure which may hold fish or cause damage to your boat if you hit it. It is also important to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Nearly every Angler has a favorite brand of sunglasses that can range from $20 a pair all the way up to several hundred dollars; and I’ve worn both on the water. What you normally get with the higher priced glasses is a more comfortable fit, better quality lenses, and usually several options to choose from to make the frames and lenses look and function like you want.

Hobie is a name that’s been well known since it began in 1950. Everyone associates the Hobie brand with high quality, top of the line products. Hobie Eyewear is no exception. I have been wearing a pair of Hobie Eyewear sunglasses for the last few months, and I’ve worn them in mostly every condition we face on the water from bluebird skies to clouds and rain. I’ve also worn them off the water while driving. I have been wearing the Bluefin series which are around $90 online and I feel are about the average price point most people spend on sunglasses. Mine have a Satin Black floating frame with Copper Polarized lenses. The Copper lenses are a great all-around lens that performs well in low-light and Sunny conditions. The fit is great! As someone who previously hated wearing any type of glasses, I have worn these from sunrise until the evening when I arrived back home. From a leisurely paddle on a river, to running 70mph across a lake, they have never let me down. Also, knowing they will float is great for the peace of mind that if for any reason they are dropped into the water, they won’t be lost forever. The lenses are super clear and provide a great view of underwater structure and fish. The design of the frame also makes for a great fit that I would say is comparable to glasses costing much more. They also stayed in place earlier this year when I flipped my fishing kayak in moving water on the Shenandoah River.

To say that I’m happy with these glasses would be an understatement. They’ve exceeded my expectations from Day 1 and continue to be my favorite sunglasses that I’ve owned. Head over to and find a pair that suits your needs. They have several different options for Men as well as Women. You have the ability to choose your frame and lens color and some models utilize an interchangeable lens system that can be swapped in just a few seconds if you prefer different lenses for different conditions. I’m sure that whichever pair you pick, that Hobie Eyewear will become your new favorite brand for sunglasses.

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