Brandon Gray & Dannon Garber Win 5 Alive Team Trail Championship on Kerr Lake


2022- 5 Alive Team Trail Guaranteed
$5000.00 Championship
Kerr Lake – October 29th & 30th, 2022
By Kevin Sheppard

Sunday we closed out the 2022 – 5 Alive Team Trail/ Caswell Glass Heritage Trail season.
It was great to see everyone again as it’s been awhile since our regular season final tournament. 60 teams showed up and seemed ready for their chance at the $5000.00. They weren’t the only thing ready! The lake was fully prepared to defend its self and it did a good job doing it. Like they say at every tournament somebody’s going to catch em. After day one it was the team of Overby & Milam atop of the leaderboard with a 14.59 pound bag. They were followed by the team of Gray & Garber with a 14.11 pound bag. The top 20 teams after day one were separated by just 5 pounds. It was still anybodys game. As tough as fishing was on day one it got even tougher for day two. When it was all said and done the team of Brandon Gray and Dannon Garber stood at the top. They brought in a 12.46 pound bag on day two giving them a two day total of 26.57 pounds. They won day one 2nd place TWT, day two 1st place TWT, 1st place two day overall TWT, the Guaranteed $5000.00 and Triton contingency money totaling out at $13.320.00 . Plus plaques , hats and 2 gallons of Jeff Brann BBQ sauce. Them boys racked up and WELL DESERVED all of it for their WIN! BIG CONGRATULATIONS
to them! 2nd place was the team of Williams & Kerns with a two day total of 23.82 pounds. They won day two and the two day overall 2nd place TWT’S pushing their total up to $2120.00. Day one’s leaders the team of Overby & Milam grabbed third place with a 2 day total of 23.80 pounds. They won day one 1st place TWT pushing them to $ 1630.00. Big fish was won by the team of Minor & Brock with a 6.09 pound fish earning them $600.00.
When it was all done there was over $11.000.00 paid out and 4 different contingency pay outs totaling $8500.00. BIG CONGRATULATIONS
The Craig Hall Taxidermy raffle-50/50 winners.
Sabrina Lunsford Tate won the $500.00 gift certificate.
Rodney Bowen won the 50/50 worth $610.00
The other $610.00 was donated to Chris Byrd who is battling cancer. We want THANK EVERYONE who bought tickets and donated money to help the Byrd family out.
I want to THANK everyone that came out and helped us out with the cooking on Sunday.
W.F. Cox
David Tricky
Chuck Wrenn
Kelly Wrenn
Charlie Wrenn
Clem Warren
Karla Knott
I definitely want to THANK all of our staff that dedicate their time to keep this Trail running as best as we can.
Krystal Kirby Sheppard
Jessica Turner Byrd
Shane Brantley
Carie Brantley
Ava Brantley
We want to THANK all of our 2022 – 5 Alive Team Trail/ Caswell Glass Heritage Trail Sponsors. As I tell yall every tournament without these great sponsors this Trail would not happen!
Last but not least we want to THANK each and everyone of yall that has come out and fished with us this year. Yall are not only teams that fish our trail yall are great friends also.
Can’t wait till next year!
1st. Gray & Garber- 26.57 – $6.320.00 TWT’S
2nd. Williams & Kerns- 23.82 – $2120.00 TWT’S
3rd. Overby & Milam- 23.80 – $1630.00 TWT’S
4th. Fine & Matthew’s- 22.14 – $ 490.00
5th. Patterson & Smith- 21.50 – $ 320.00
6th. Brown & Wimbish – 21.04 – $ 260.00
7th. House & Williams- 20.77 – $230.00
8th. Wray & Purcell – 20.60 – $215.00
9th. Whitfield & Smith- 19.12 – $ 130.00
Big fish.
Minor & Brock- 6.09 – $ 600.00

Photos & Video taken by Derrick Currin