February 7th Albemarle Sound & Roanoke River Fishing Report By Captain Scooter Lilley


Capt. Scooter Lilley



Lower Roanoke River/Albermarle Sound

Hello everyone. This is Captain Scooter Lily with cww inshore here in eastern North Carolina early February. I’m here to give you a late report on the Albemarle sound and the Roanoke River & look at the past week. The striper bite has been pretty strong. They have showed up in good numbers. We got a lot of warm weather coming in this coming up week should make the bite even better. I will catch them and this is no joke. We’re catch them anywhere from a foot to 20 foot it just depends on the day and the situation a lot some of the fish are out in the sound and open water up shallow using big swim baits. Some of the fish were being caught with jigging on the bottom in 10 to 20 ft catching them. You have to learn how to use your electronics find those schools of fish and be able to Target. Speaking of targeting the fish. We’re using a lot of z-man, z-man streets, z-man diesel minnows on a half ounce 3/8 Oz lead head. Throwing this bait up current letting it drift down into the school of fish kind of bouncing it right off the bottom. Till they take it out of your hands. It’s pretty exciting bite. Anybody that’s looking so fast action and a good time on the water. Give us a call at 252-799-9536. Thank you.