February 2023 Kerr Lake Fishing Report by Master Captain Rick Morris


RPMCUSTOMRODS ProStaf Brock Rouse and I got out on KerrLake today for some late winter early spring fishing. We moved around fishing slow and deliberate  with moving baits Through the water column nothing on the bottom …fished major creeks focusing the major arms 🎣fishing the secondary, and as I say, third dary points all the way to the back of the creek arm.The water is down a few feet and the water is slightly stained to medium stain in most places. Water temperature is 50 to 53° surprisingly coming up quick this year. we used flat, sided crank baits, and a variety of jerk baits, and some rattle Baits covering all the little points into the creek arms . Most of the places we fished did not produce fish. After time we located creek arms with Bait fish.. seeing bait, fish and suspended fish with activetarget sonar gave us confidence to stay in an area and work the points and the individual fish we saw on ACTIVETARGET We got them both ways. If you don’t have Forward shooting sonar, you’re behind the game. Then we started catching fish🎣🎣👍👍😎😁the old style way chuck and wind Knowing bait fish were in the cuts, we were fishing 🎣👍💪… Of course with active target we could see individual suspenders under bait balls that were rising up towards the surface as water temperatures rose late in the day. We caught at least 25 nice bass average was 2 pounds. Brock lost a five and a six. I saw them come up and shake their head and spit the bait out 😆with my 30 years experience I lectured him about hook size…I always take my jerk baits and put number four short shanks on them and take the number six size hooks and throw them in the trash!!!! Number six trouble hooks can catch 2 pound bass all day long. Do not use them for five and six or seven pounders ever!! LARGE bass with their large lip bone will throw Number six hooks 80% of the time even with small crank baits like bandits and shad raps. you’re better off to put number fours short shank hooks👍👍pick your brand ..🤔just saying .. we had  13 to 14 pounds twice 😁😎💪should’ve had 18 or 19 pounds but it was just for fun with Brock’s catch and release number six treble hooks 👏👍 #KerrLake is healthy with a lot of fish and springs coming early. Get out there and catch them.. catch and release 🇺🇸👍We used  American made RPMCUSTOMRODS ..The 69 Jerk Bait Special, The 73 Rattle Trap Square Bill Special and the 7’ Ml light cranking rod for flat side and shad rap cranks with 12# GAMMA floral carbon WWW.RPMCUSTOMRODS.com instructional fishing trips with CAPTAINRICKMORRIS ON lakegaston or kerrlake www.RICKMORRISFISHING.com