Mike & Jonthan Rhew Win CATT Old North Kerr Lake, NC Mar 11, 2023


Next Old North will be on Jordan March 25th launching from Farrington Point!

Old North Spring Final $8,000 1st Place GUARANTEED!
Only enter 4 Old North Spring Qualifiers to be eligible to enter the Old North Spring Final
Fishing solo or with a sub counts toward a Teams Final Qualification

The 2023 CATT Academy Championship will take place on Kerr Lake May 20-21, 2023 and we are guaranteeing $10,000.00 to 1st Place! 1st Place in 2022 was $29,000.00!

Nutbush Ramp Kerr Lake State Park – 115 Jack Wade Farm Road, Henderson, NC    Tap on the link to view more info!

2023 CATT Academy Championship – Carolina Anglers Team Trail (cattteamtrail.com)

The 2023 CATT Academy Championship On Kerr Lake is hosted bt Vance County Tourism!

We had a great crowd with 51 teams entered this past Saturday and paid back a total of $7,910.00!

Mike & Jonthan Rhew claimed 1st Place with 5 bass weighing 21.71 lbs! They also weighed in the 2nd BF at 5.15 lbs! Kick in the 1st Place Side Pot of $1,020.00 and they took home $3,170.00!

David Farmer & Matt Deese took 2nd Place with a limit weighing 19.25 lbs and with the 2nd Place Side Pot of $660.00 added in they took home $1,660.00!

Roger Clary & Justin Rhew finished 3rd with 16.66 lbs! They took home $995.00 with the 3rd Side Pot of $320.00 added in!

Dean Larson & Larry Hipps took 5th with 15.50 lbs!

6th Place Ryan Roller!

Jeffrey Davis & Cody Howard 7th with 15.35 lbs!

Coming in 8th Place with 15.10 lbs! John Richmond & Tyler Richmond!

Doug Stallings & Seth Ellis took 9th with 15.08 lbs!

Last Money Spot! Dennis Reedy & Scott Smith 14.87 lbs!

Mike Rhew – Jonathan Rhew5.1521.71$3,170.00110
David Farmer – Matt Deese3.3419.25$1,660.00109
Roger Clary – Justin Rhew4.0216.66$995.00108
Josh Hooks – Tyler Trent0.0016.64$500.00107
Dean Larson – Larry Hipps4.0015.50$340.00106
Ryan Roller4.4115.46$260.00105
Jeffery Davis – Cody Howard3.6915.35$200.00104
John Richmond – Tyler Richmond4.5715.10$165.00103
Doug Stallings – Seth Ellis0.0015.08$145.00102
Scott Smith – Dennis Reedy4.7614.87$125.00101
Eric Schell – Todd Smith3.4814.86100
Joseph Sharpe – Glenn Eskin3.9814.5199
Ronnie Britt – Dillon Britt4.4314.4298
Johnny Howard – William Howard0.0014.2497
Steven Riggs – Rodney Sorrell0.0014.1396
Marty Warren – Brian Calloway0.0014.1195
Jeff Beasley – Park Beasley0.0013.7494
Joe Osbourne – John Pilcher0.0013.4893
Tony Stanley – Chase Stanley0.0012.8592
Tim Goad – Mark Williams0.0012.7791
Mike Marchant – Bradley McLaurin5.0012.7090
Dakoda Lucy – Chris Bowen0.0012.6489
Gary Johnson – Chris Inscoe0.0012.0388
Johnny Wood4.0111.7087
Jerry Dean – Robert Dean4.1011.4786
Tyler Goss – Owen Penhollow0.0011.0185
Travis Watson – Shannon Stewart0.0010.7684
Lucas Lobaugh – Jeremy Moody0.0010.6783
Eddie Glasscock – Billy Dunn0.0010.6382
Charles Stewart0.0010.5781
Lee Gay – Justin Ingle0.0010.4380
Rich Zerbala – Jamie Olive0.0010.3279
Mark Herndon – Bobby Houser0.009.8878
DJ Myslinski – Dean Myslinski0.009.6377
Michael Stewart – Buck Clark0.008.9276
Scott Woodson – Todd Staker3.597.9775
Mike Anderson – Justin Egitto5.677.69$350.0074
Michael Britt – Heath Britt0.007.6873
Clay Ausely-  Ken McNeil5.076.8572
Rick Dunstan – Mike Farrell0.003.9071
Alec Lower – Richard Lower3.262.8170
Calton Hall – Jason Suggs0.000.0060
Randy Waterman – Donnie Avant0.000.0060
Kevin Cheatham – Johnny Wilder0.000.0060
Brandon Curtis – Tom Wilkins0.000.0060
Miek Eggers – Mark Williams0.000.0060
Chuck Byrd – Jerry Mashburn0.000.0060
Seth Bullard – Lynn Fox0.000.0060
Tim Nobles – Kevin Hayslett0.000.0060
Brian Welch – Mark Inman0.000.0060
Jacob Moore0.000.0060
Total Entrys$7,000.00
BONUS $$2,000.00
Total Paid At Ramp$7,910.00
Old North 2023 Spring Final Fund$1,020.00
2023 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2023 Old North Spring Final Fund Total$1,000.00

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