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Garrett Geouge Wins CATT James River, VA August 12, 2023


Next & Last 2023 CATT James River Qualifier will be Sept 16th at Hopewell Marina! Check the James River Points at the bottom of the James River Division Page! If you need one more Qualifier to be eligible to enter the James River Final Sept 16th is your last chance!

Must fish 3 of 7 Qualifiers to Fish Final

2023 James River Point Winners Receive Free Entry into All 2024 James River Qualifiers Excluding the Final!
2nd In the James River Points $500
3rd In the James River Points $250
4th In the James River Points $150
5th In the James River Points $100

A polygraph was administered and all teams were good!

Garrett Geouge weighed in 5 bass at 20.24 lbs taking 1st Place and a check for the amount of $1,900.00!

John Koren & Johnnie Spencer claimed 2nd with 5 bass weighing in at 15.64 lbs worth $1,435.00!

Donnie Meade & Travis Daniles 3rd with 14.68 lbs!

Francis Martin claimed 4th with 14.18 lbs!

Garrett Geouge5.8420.24$1,900.00110
John Koren – Johnnie Spencer5.9415.64$1,435.00109
Donnie Meade – Travis Daniels0.0014.38$630.00108
Francis Martin0.0014.18$530.00107
Billy Allen – Craig Cheek0.0013.91$720.00106
Joseph Carr – Bob Timberlake0.0013.65$300.00105
Aaron Lucy – Reid Clay0.0013.49$355.00104
Tommy Little – Robert Bruguiere0.0013.48$190.00103
Rodney Manson – Robert Lewis5.9713.44$343.00102
Eric Picucci – Micah Mitten0.0013.39$145.00101
Blake Miles – Daniel Jenkins0.0013.03$125.00100
Luke Carson – Hayden Coyner6.8813.02$392.0099
Griffin Roberts – Nicholas Bodsford0.0012.9198
Tim Chaffin – Trey Goodman0.0012.7097
Ed & Ed Jordan0.0012.6396
James Tilley0.0012.6395
Cory Dunnavant – Kennon Ball0.0012.4694
Howard Austin – Mickey Anderson0.0012.3993
Greg Cooper – Dave Bivins0.0012.3892
Kelly Robinette – David Barlow0.0012.2992
Wesley Farmer – Noah Adkins3.0612.0490
Ryan Drewery – Wayne Drewery0.0011.7489
Brian Brooks – Avery Powelson0.0011.7288
Jeff Valentin – Daryl Moody0.0011.5787
Scottie Melton – Shawn Smith3.0311.4286
Bobby Baker – Chip Martin0.0011.2685
Audie Murphy – Monte Aleman0.0010.4884
Mike Caul – Bill Petzold0.0010.3983
Tom Owens – Rick Mistr0.0010.1183
Tripp Mistr – Brent Mistr0.0010.0881
Jason S. Bishop2.8010.0880
Charles James – John James0.0010.0379
Joey Cooke – Justin Hall0.009.5578
Jamie Nealy – Greg Ball0.009.5377
Dave Carney – John Dunn0.009.4376
Marshall Johnson – Sammy Yates0.009.4075
Brandon Cross – Robert Malcom0.009.3674
Ron Struder – Mark Adams0.009.2873
Donnie Harper – Randy Johnson0.009.2572
Charles Ramer – Ernest Revels0.008.5071
Stacy Vasser0.008.0670
Curtis Combs – CJ Combs0.007.9469
James Whitehead III – Lynn Hoeffer0.007.1368
Brian Snipes – Chris Cockrell0.007.0467
James Byrd0.006.6666
Kevin Davis – Melissa Davis0.006.2665
Chuck Comer – Don Warren0.005.9764
Harvey Reese – Bobby Harris0.000.0054
Duane Hodge – Brad Colgin0.000.0054
Zack Whitt – Larry Whitt0.000.0054
Craig Ferguson – Clay Ferguson0.000.0054
Michael Brannon – Jacob Compton0.000.0054
Rick Rodriguez – Dick Powers0.000.0054
Bryce Henley – Hunter Pitts0.000.0054
Wez Zabeyr – Mike Elswick0.000.0054
Mathew Kite – Brandon Palmer0.000.0054
Jake Kidd – Jesse Kidd0.000.0054
Total Entrys$6,720.00
BONUS $$900.00
Total Paid At Ramp$7,065.00
2023 James River Spring Final Fund$455.00
2023 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2023 James River Spring Final Fund Total$2,750.00

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