Danny & Joey McLean Win CATT Waccamaw River, SC Summer Final August 12, 2023


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CATT Waccamaw River – Carolina Anglers Team Trail (cattteamtrail.com)

Danny & Joey McLean win the 2023 Waccamaw River Summer Final with 5 bass weighing 19.08 lbs and they weighed in the 1st Academy BF at 6.98 lbs! They took home $2,480.00!

Britt Brown & Danny Martin 2nd with 13.21 lbs worth $1,050.00!

Jess White finished 3rd with 13.20 lbs and earned $600.00!

Alan Richardson & Timmy Squires 4th Place with 12.51 lbs!

Ron Cannon took 5th with 11.84 lbs and 2nd BF at 6.52 lbs!

Charles Fryer & Noah Jones were our 2023 Waccamaw River Summer Point Champs!

Justin Carter with a 6 pounder!

Trey Cribb with a 5 pounder!

Danny & Joey McLean6.9819.08$2,480.00
Danny Martin & Britt Brown4.0813.21$1,050.00
Jess White3.8613.20$600.00
Timmy Squires & Alan Richardson4.1112.51$300.00
Ron Cannon6.5211.84$230.00
Charles Fryer & Noah Jones3.2310.55
Justin Carter6.0010.50
Timmy & Wesley Williamson3.1810.03
John Proctor & Johnny Duarte2.989.67
Brian Howard & Richard McConnell2.369.61
Marion Humphries & Luke Russell2.648.20
Brayden Clay & Dalton Warren0.008.13
Trey Cribb4.987.86
Ed Owens & Chris Jones0.007.86
Tommy & Thomas Collins2.827.35
Robby Byrum & Eric Cox0.007.16
Keith & Rex Coker0.007.06
Garrett Howard & Cal Marsh0.006.83
Dana Rabon & Donnie Register0.006.11
Will Hendrix & Alex Hyarck0.005.71
Matthew Trussell0.001.41
Ryan Thom& Brian Meyers0.000.00
Nick Gant & Patrick Cook0.000.00
Jason Smith & Shane Thomas0.000.00
Casey & Mckenzie Warren0.000.00
John Miller0.000.00
Greg & Logan Benton0.000.00