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The Transition: Shifting Your Fishing Habits


The Transition:

Shifting Your Fishing Habits

by Bruce Callis Jr

Let’s talk fishing! Fall is right around the corner, and it might be here sooner than we think. The leaves are already starting to fall off the trees. And with the change in the weather, there is also a change in the activity of bass. We need to be aware of it and prepare to make changes.

But lets talk about a different type of change and bass fishing. We know what it’s like to fish out of a bass boat or a jonboat, but let’s talk kayak fishing. Fishing is fishing after-all, but just jumping into a kayak isn’t as simple as it seems.

First off, I am no pro when it comes to kayak fishing. I don’t have the celebrity status of some of those top anglers, like Kristine Fischer, Chad Hoover, Gene Jensen, or Jacob Stephens, but I have learned a lot and it wasn’t an easy start. I started off with one of those cheap kayaks that you sit inside of. Let’s just say, it wasn’t for me and I couldn’t really fish out of it. I was lucky and got to use Snookie Risch’s Vibe sit-on Seaghost 110. A world of difference. I was able to make casts and feel comfortable. That is the first thing you need to learn, to be comfortable. If the kayak is comfortable, then you will be too.

The next thing I had to learn was that not every life jacket is the same. Every time I get in the kayak, I know that it could be the day I accidentally fall in. You need to remember that even the best can fall in. So always be prepared for it to happen. And because of this, make sure you have the best life jacket you can. While the inflatable life jacket is very comfortable, it isn’t the best for a kayaker. Once you fall in, they are pretty much done. Get one that fits you and is comfortable to wear. Mine isn’t the exact model I wanted, they were out of stock, but it fits great and I wear it all day while on the kayak.

One thing is for sure, you can’t take everything from the boat and put it in the kayak. I’ve tried, and it became a real hassle trying to get it all straight and secured. And then I was really worried about tipping over and loosing all that gear. You need to cut back and streamline what you bring and have it secure. I have leashes on everything I can. But one piece of gear that I did bring from the boat to the kayak is my net. I like the Line Cutterz Pro Fish Gear Lunker Snatcher floating net because of two reason. The first is that it is compact and easy to handle, a plus when on a kayak. The 2nd is that it floats. Fishing tournament from a kayak means that you must take pictures of the bass on a measuring board. I use a TackeWorkz Donkey Leash in conjunction with my net. Double insurance or overkill, I fall on the insurance side of it. I can take my pictures, put it in the net and then check the pictures for any problems.

And speaking about pictures, you really need to secure your phone. While we are talking kayaks, it is a great idea even in a boat. Too many phones are on the bottom of the ponds, lakes, and rivers. The best I have found so far is the Robohawk Talon Universal phone harness and tether system. It fits basically any phone and secures it safely to you or anything else. It has a truly heavy duty swivel to help keep it from tangling. I love it and use it every time in the kayak.

Casting from a kayak is also something that I had to get use to. You watch the videos of those top anglers and they make it look so easy. But let you tell you, I had to learn not to dip so much. Those double dipping only messes up everything. Now if you have a good balance and nimble enough to stand, it makes a big difference. But until you learn that skill, it gets tricky. I have plenty of broken baits and birds nest to prove that.

Comfort is a big deal when kayaking. Being able to stretch, and not to mention, get the blood moving in the butt, are big. Standing helps with all of it. And it starts with the seat. No two seats are the same! Some sit higher than others, so make sure to take that into account when purchasing your kayak. The higher the seat, the easier it is to stand. And at the same time, it also makes it easier to tip the kayak. There are lots of tips for making the seat more comfortable. Different items you can us for your back and for sitting on. The Kayak Cushion is made just for this reason. I have not bought one yet, but it is on my list to buy. I have only heard glowing reviews about it.

Bass fishing in a kayak is one way to explore areas you have never been able to access. Those areas too skinny for a boat to get into or just too tight for the boat itself. There are plenty of reason why a kayak is a prime choice for fishing. You can add so many options to a kayak to fish the way you want. A trolling motor, Power Pole, graphs, lighting, just about whatever you want to help you fish the way you want. But the basics are all you need to get started. A kayak, a paddle, a life jacket, and a willingness to learn a new skill set. Where will in take you? To the top of the kayak fishing community or just to a lot of adventure with your friends. Only you can decide that!

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