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Land Weaver & John Edwards Win 5 Alive Championship on Lake Gaston


5 Alive Team Trail Guaranteed $5000.00 Championship
Gaston Lake – October 21st & 22nd, 2023

Our 5th year is in the books..

We made a change this year and moved the 2 day Championship to Gaston Lake in hopes for better fishing in the always tough October conditions. Well guess what Ol’ Mother Nature had her plans to. Big Cold front moves in for the weekend and the fishing was BRUTALLY TOUGH for most everyone. But in typical fashion there is always a few that get it figured out and still manage to catch them fairly good. I seen some some very good fishermen walk to the scales with their heads down in discuss. 😕

We had 53 teams out of the 89 qualified teams show up for the $5000.00 Championship. Not going to lie that was a little disheartening but after seeing how tough the fishing was I kind of understood. 🤷‍♂️

At the end of day one it was the team Land Weaver & John Edward’s Jr sitting on top going into day two. They had a solid bag weighing 14.87 pounds getting them the 1st place TWT for day one worth $525.00.
2nd Place for day one and 2nd place TWT was the team of Flash Butts & Shawn Hammock with a bag weighing 14.75 pounds earning them $300.00.
3rd place for day one and 3rd place TWT was the team of Seth Ellis & Doug Stallings with a bag weighing 13.16 pounds earning them $200.00.

We had 39 teams make their way back on Sunday. Some of the ones that struggled on day one got a little something figured out and bounced back after day one.
When the scales closed on Sunday afternoon it was the team of Land Weaver and John Edward’s Jr that held on to their day one lead and take home the $5000.00 prize. They are also the Winners of our spring Qualifier at Gaston earlier this year. I guess it’s safe to say them guys are pretty strong on Gaston Lake 💪. They brought in a day two bag weighing 13.21 pounds earning them a total of $6225.00 with TWTs. BIG CONGRATULATIONS to them. They definitely earned it. They were followed by the team of Seth Ellis & Doug Stallings with a day two bag weighing 10.12 pounds earning them $1905.00 with TWTs. GOOD JOB guys! Coming in 3rd place was the team of Flash Butts & Shawn Hammock with a day two bag weighing 8.25 pounds earning them $1055.00 with TWTs. Also a Great Job to those guys as well!
It was a tough tournament for our 2023 Points Champions Ross Oliver & Ethan Larabee but they still managed to find a 5.23 pound bass that Won them the BIG FISH of the tournament earning them $530.00 Good Job guys.

We had our annual Craig Hall Taxidermy gift certificate and 50/50 drawing. All benefits from this go to Mrs. Kelly Brantley Wrenn who is battling cancer. The Winner of the Gift certificate was a sponsor of ours Mr. David Gentry . The Winner of the 50/50 was Chris Byrd who donated his 50% back to the pot to give Kelley Wrenn a total of $537.00. If you recall we had this same drawing last year and the 50/50 drawing was to help benefit Chris Byrd in his battle with Cancer. If you can’t see how the Good Lord works after this then you need to open your eyes. I beg for everyone to please PRAY for both Kelly Wrenn & Chris Byrd in their Battles with this nasty disease 🙏

We had 2 Great prizes to giveaway donated by Altec for the fishermen. The winner of the Artic Cooler was Bubba Barksdale.
The winner of the Solo Stove was Damon Brock


At the end of day two all of our fishermen were served with BBQ , Baked Beans and Potatoes. We hope everyone enjoyed the food and had a good time this weekend.
Before we get to the results I want to SHOUT OUT A BIG THANK YOU to all of our Sponsors for the 2023 season. Please check out all the pictures below and take a good look at all of our Sponsors. Without them none of this would happen!

Definitely can not forget to give a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the 5 Alive Team Trail Crew. I sure hope they keep loving doing this because without them I’m in BIG TROUBLE!!!!
The 5 Alive Crew.
Krystal Kirby Sheppard
Jessica Turner Byrd
Shane Brantley
Carie Brantley
Chris Byrd
Ava Brantley
Karla Knott
Clem Warren
Jeff Brann
Nathan Talley
Jerry Sheppard
Charlie Franklin
Rodney Bowes

Don’t forget that we still have 3 tournaments left in our STATE CONSTRUCTION Fall Trail! Our next tournament is Sunday October 29th , 2023 at Hyco Lake.

If you need any information or have any questions please contact me Kevin Sheppard at 336-264-8416 Thanks!

1st.Weaver & Edward’s 28.08 pounds-$6225.00 TWT
2nd. ELLIS & Stallings- 23.28 pounds-$1905.00 TWT
3rd. Butts & Hammock- 23.00 pounds-$ 1055.00 TWT
4th. Clements & Bowen- 19.17 pounds-$425.00
5th. Morton & Riggs- 19.03 pounds-$255.00
6th. Doughtie & White- 17.88 pounds-$520.00 TWT
7th. Woolard & Woolard- 16.87 pounds-$200.00
8th. Eddie Fore- 15.53 pounds-$185.00
9th. Glenn & Staton- 15.16 pounds-$125.00

Big Fish.
Oliver & Larabee – 5.23 pounds-$530.00

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