November Kerr Lake Fishing Report by Captain Rick Morris



😁😎 November is my favorite fall month for Bass fishing on Kerr Lake, and Lake Gaston. With the water temperatures a lot cooler and the thermocline gone as well as the boat traffic makes for some awesome fishing. Bass are spread out this time of year some schools are deep and require baits like a CC spoon or a jig, other schools of bass have been in the creek arms for some time now and have been focusing on the fall bait migration.

First thing as always in the fall is find the bait! Especially on Kerr🎣Cruise some creek arms, using your Lowrance Electronics and determine which creek arms have the most bait and how far back in the creek they are? Focus on the channel swings in the deeper water coming near the flats, this will eliminate dead water. On Gaston the most consistent creeks are Pee Hill, Great Creek and Jimmie’s creek, however, Main lake patterns are always available! Docks and points..that changes daily and can be hit or miss😆😎For me at this point I’m jumping on the trolling motor at 3/4 high speed and will start slinging some Square Bill and flat sided crank baits, like a Flat A Bomber down the bank near the shad areas looking for shallow feeding active bass! I usually prefer the windy banks when possible due to the clear water this time of year. I’ll be using a 7’3”Square Bill Special by @RPMCUSTOMRODS with 16 pound #GammaEdge 100% fluorocarbon. Time to cover some water, get some bites and dial in your pattern, if it gets really windy I’ll be throwing a three-quarter ounce, Double Willow #WareEagle, Spinner Bait on the Windy points in the creeks! On Gaston I’ll burn that War Eagle spinner bait as fast as I can for aggressive large spots!🎣 Always  keep a deep running jerk bait, a Zara Spook and a Cotton Cordell CC spoon close by for schoolers! Good fishing🎣 Capt. Rick. Instructional bass, fishing fishing, and multi species group, charters🎣🇺🇸@RickMorrisFishing.Com,, #Goboldly, #Power-Pole, #GammaFishing, #Lowrance, #FalconBassBoats, #WarEagleLures, #Costa, #LewsFishing, #RPMCustomRods.