Friday, July 19, 2024

Sonar Technology or Traditional Tactics: The Changing Landscape of Lure Technology


Dear Editor,

Good day. I’m writing to talk about an issue that anglers like me are facing – the big impact of Forward Facing Sonar on how we choose our fishing lures. We know that Livscope, a kind of Forward Facing Sonar, is changing how we fish. Watching fish move in real-time and seeing the world under the water is amazing. But, this new tech is causing a problem – we are using less and less types of fishing lures.

True anglers pride themselves on having an array of lures. We’ve all got our favorite topwater lures, plastic worms, and spinnerbaits. We use these based on where we’re fishing, the temperature, light, and how the fish are behaving. Now, because of sonar systems, we’re only using a few types of lures, mainly smaller swimbaits, drop shot rigs and jerk baits.

What’s happening is that we’re forgetting the art of fishing – choosing the right lure for each situation, based on years of knowledge on fish behavior, local areas and changes in seasons. Now, we’re choosing lures that work with sonar, rather than those that meet the challenge the water represents.

This new focus has made me wonder – is there a big enough market for these sonar-friendly lures? Not everyone can afford sonar tech. Plus, it also reduces the demand for other types of lures. Losing this variety could really affect our fishing lure industry.

Fishing shouldn’t be about using the most advanced technology. It should be about skill, understanding the water, using your gut feelings, and surprising yourself. That’s why lure-makers need to change up their approach. Instead of shrinking their range to suit technology, they can aim to make versatile lures that work well in sonar and non-sonar fishing situations. In doing so, they can maintain variety and cater to the needs of all anglers.

To sum up, while sonar like Livscope brings something new to fishing, we need to tread carefully. We shouldn’t let it limit the variety and skill in lure fishing – that’s what makes our sport special.

Yours sincerely,

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