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Bryan Calloway & Tony Toombs Win CATT SML Fall Classic with 17.82lbs



Alicia Matherly/Kevin Dawson

SMITH MOUNTAIN LAKE, Dec 11th — The highly anticipated CATT Classic came to a thrilling close amid challenging weather conditions at Smith Mountain Lake. Anglers faced a wet, messy, and tough day, with a significant number opting to stay in the comfort of their worm beds due to an all-day downpour. Despite the adverse weather, the tournament showcased the resilience and skill of the participants.

With a visibly low turnout, the determination and tenacity of Bryan Calloway and Tony Toombs shone through, as they emerged triumphant by securing the winning bags. These dedicated anglers demonstrated exceptional prowess, navigating the difficult conditions to claim the top honors.

“We’re thrilled to congratulate Bryan Calloway and Tony Toombs for their outstanding performance in the face of such adverse weather conditions. Their ability to adapt and conquer the challenges exemplifies the true spirit of the CATT Championship,” remarked Kevin Dawson, the event organizer.

The tournament, known for its competitive edge and camaraderie among anglers, did not disappoint despite the inclement weather. Anglers who braved the elements showcased their passion for the sport and their commitment to the competition. The CATT SML Tourney Series has always been a platform for anglers to come together, share experiences, and celebrate the thrill of the catch, and this year was no exception.

As the rain persisted throughout the day, turning the lake into a testing ground for the competitors, Bryan Calloway and Tony Toombs demonstrated exceptional angling skills, securing the winning bags that set them apart from the rest. Their dedication to the sport and the championship did not go unnoticed, earning them the admiration and respect of their fellow anglers.

For more information about the CATT Championship and future events, please visit or contact Kevin Dawson.

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