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Cal Lane and the Legacy: The Strike King 10XD Bait Story


Photo Taken by Jody White of MLF

As I kick back in my living room, engrossed with the MLF Tackle Warehouse event transpiring on Sam Rayburn Lake, I can’t help but marvel, “Dang, those are some mammoth Bass!”. Enthusiastic young professional anglers like Cal Lane are making quite the splash, as they reel in the biggies, one after another. There’s a secret, though – beneath each monstrous catch, there lies a crucial partner in the triumph – a bait that has stood the test of time – the Strike King Pro-Model Series 10XD. Let’s sink beneath the surface to explore the inception and importance of this legendary lure, and understand why it belongs in every passionate angler’s tackle box.

The tale whisks us back to 2012, the stage being Strike King, renowned for their inventive lures. At its helm was Phil Marks, an architect for countless groundbreaking lures. Daring to dive deeper, Marks brought forth the 10XD, an oversized crankbait with a unique curved bill. Unlike traditional deep-diving crankbaits, the 10XD plunged deeper and surged faster – altering the deep-running crankbait landscape for good.

The turning point for this bait, however, was the FLW Tour Open on Sam Rayburn Lake in that very year. Armed with the 10XD, Marks crowned himself champion, netting a whopping $125,000 grand prize. This feat propelled the 10XD into the limelight, fast becoming an indispensable asset amongst fervent anglers.

Within the Strike King arsenal, the XD series holds a distinguished rank. Tailored to navigate depths unheard of, the 10XD outshines the rest, executing a further cast and a tighter wiggle, principles that have struck a winning chord with anglers globally. To top it, it wields an impressive palette of colors, each hue meticulously crafted to mimic prey and beguile even the most finicky fish.

Reflecting upon the saga of Strike King, one has to credit the inception of the original ‘Strike King’ bass lure to Bill McEwen back in the early ’60s. Charles Spence took the reins later, nurturing the company into a behemoth near the Memphis airport. Pioneering product development strategies and fostering coveted alliances with angling idols like Bill Dance ensured the company’s enduring success.

As we revel in the thrilling spectacle of Cal Lane and his peers hauling in the giants at the MLF Tackle Warehouse event, let’s rejoice in the timeless bait that’s doing its part beneath the waves – the Strike King Pro-Model Series 10XD. With a lineage dating back to Bill McEwen, a track record of tournament victories, and a vibrant selection of colors, the 10XD serves as a potent ally to reel in the big ones. Beef up your tackle box with this revolutionary bait. After all, as they say, you never know – the next cast could be the catch of your life!


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