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Unleash Your Inner Angler: How the Strike King 10XD Can Triple Your Bass Catch This Season


KVD the King of Crankbaits

There’s something magical about the allure of the Strike King Pro Model Series 10XD, a deep-diving crankbait that has been steadily changing the game for anglers all over the world. This big old crankbait is opening up whole new dimensions of the underwater world to keen fishers armed with the right technique, knowledge, and patience. Let’s dive deeper into the world of bass fishing with this impressive lure.

First off, any angler familiar with crankbaits would be immediately drawn to one of the key features of the 10XD – its unique curved bill. This isn’t just for an aesthetic flair. The cleverly designed bill is there to serve a very specific purpose; it allows the 10XD to dive faster and deeper than traditional crankbaits. This addition isn’t cosmetic but rather forms the heart and soul of the lure. When properly harnessed, it can enable fishers to reach locations they could previously only dream of.

Of course, size matters, and the 10XD is no shrinking violet. Clocking in at around 6 inches and weighing just shy of 2 ounces, it’s quite the substantial lure. This is particularly important to note, as it means that you’ll need to gear up adequately before heading out. You wouldn’t want excessive arm and hand fatigue standing in the way of a rewarding fishing trip.

Then there’s the question of where to fish with the 10XD. The big profile and captivating wobbling action of the crankbait are a real hit for sizeable bass in the depths. Specifically, be on the lookout for deep structures – where the big bass find comfort in the seclusion. Submerged logs, rock piles, and other underwater features are the hot spots where you’re likely to encounter them.

Line choice is another variable to fine-tune. To maximize the 10XD’s diving power, it is recommended to use a 14-pound fluorocarbon line. This setup allows the 10XD to reach depths of up to 25 feet, thereby placing it within reach of those trophy fish you’ve been dreaming of.

The typical size and audible, resonating rattle of the 10XD can, however, sometimes become predictable to offshore bass. That’s when a neat, little modification can come in handy. If you fancy trying your hand at making it silent, drill a hole, apply some superglue, and finish it with a dab of epoxy. This can take the fish by surprise, often leading to more successful catches.

However, nothing beat a good dose of patience and persistence. Experiment with different retrieves, depths, and locations to make the most out of your fishing expeditions. Here’s to the Strike King Pro Model Series 10XD crankbait – your secret to game-changing bass fishing. Tight lines!


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