Jonathan Sutton & James Gibbons Win CATT Santee Cooper, SC Feb 10, 2024


Next Santee Cooper CATT Spring Qualifiers is this coming Saturday Feb 17th at John C Land! This will be a Gold event! $120 enytry online or $130 at the ramp! We now offer 2 optional side pot! $25 and $50! Tap on the logo to learn more about Santee Cooper and ther surrounding area!

Jonathan Sutton & James Gibbons whacked em! They brough in 5 bass weighing 30.84 lbs with a 83.64 lb HAWG which earned them 1st Place and the BF of the tournament. Total winnings $2,365.00!

Brian Scott & Brad Beatson took 2nd with 5 bass weighing 28.08 lbs!

Dusty Hardy claimed 3rd with 23.91 lbs!

Mike Watson & Craig McFadden earned 4th with 21.98 lbs!

James Gibbons – Jonathan Sutton8.6430.84$2,365.00110
Brian Scott – Brad Beatson6.0328.08$550.00109
Dusty Hardy7.6923.91$250.00108
Mike Watson – Craig McFadden0.0021.98$490.00107
Will Timmons – Bennett Lawshe6.9820.74106
Trez Wienges – Wesley Bilton4.6818.09105
Brent Riley – Nathan Burgess8.1816.63104
Jesse Strickland – Austin Jernigan8.2814.16103
Jay Jefferies – Carter Jeffries0.0012.50102
Mac Altman – Randall Miller5.5012.29101
Chad Crosby – Brooks Crosby0.0012.15100
Justin Cromer – Mark Barnes0.0011.7699
Bryan Cook – Steve Harmon7.487.4898
Max Terry – Jamiem Glascock0.005.6897
Jared Thompson – Wayne Gainey4.014.0196
Jimmy Trigg – Brandon Evans0.000.0086
BILLY WILLIS – Glenn Porter0.000.0086
Casey Warren – Ryan Thompson0.000.0086
Patrick Cook – Nick Gant0.000.0086
Rusty Bullard0.000.0086
Andrew Bull0.000.0086
TJ Anderson0.000.0086
Brent Waynick – Emmet McCauley0.000.0086
Freddie Gibbs – Clark Gibbs0.000.0086
Total Entrys$2,880.00
BONUS $$1,250.00
Total Paid At Ramp$3,655.00
2024 Santee Cooper Spring Final Total$375.00
2024 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2024 Santee Cooper Spring Final Total$800.00