Brad Beatson & Brian Scott Win CATT Santee Cooper, SC Feb 17, 2024


Next Santee Cooper Spring CATT Qualifier is March 23rd at John C Land!

Mark your calendar! This is going to be a good one! Tap on the link for more info!

Also, the 2024 Carolinas Bass Challenge Santee Cooper Qualifier is April 13th at John C Land! $10,000 1st Place!

Tap on this link to view info!  Carolinas Bass Challenge – Bass Tournaments in the Carolinas

Brad Beatson & Brian Scott weighed in 5 bass at 24.53 lbs taking 1st Place at Santee Cooper!

Mack Altman & Randall Miller claimed 2nd with 22.28 lbs!

3rd Place went to Casey Warren with 18.14 lbs!

Justin Cromer with the BF at 8.22 lbs!

Brad Beatson – Brian Scott6.2424.53$1,175.00110
Mack Altman – Randall Miller6.9422.28$670.00109
Casey Warren5.7718.14$355.00108
Kerry Bilton – Wesley Bilton5.0316.61107
Corey Casey -Matt Judy4.0315.67106
Carter Leggett – Hunter Vincent0.0015.29105
Max Terry – Jamie Glascock0.0013.34104
Justin Cromer – Mark Barnes8.2212.90$170.00103
Steve Harmon – Bryan Cook0.0012.49102
Jessie Strickland – Austin Jernigan0.0011.55101
Will Timmons – Bennett Lawshe0.009.80100
Jeffrey K Borne5.548.3599
Jay Jefferies – Brandon Jeffries3.868.3298
Coda Westbrook – Samuel McCants0.000.0088
David Ardis – Chris Barfield0.000.0088
Patrick Oliver – Jay Weinberg0.000.0088
Todd Olds – Brian Maxwell0.000.0088
Total Entrys$2,040.00
BONUS $$725.00
Total Paid At Ramp$2,370.00
2024 Santee Cooper Spring Final Total$295.00
2024 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2024 Santee Cooper Spring Final Total$1,095.00