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SPRO Introduces the JC Elite Casting Reels with Jason Christie


SPRO Introduces the JC Elite Casting Reels with Jason Christie

Kennesaw, GA – SPRO is excited to announce the addition of Jason Christie’s new line of JC Elite baitcasting reels. The JC Elite reels will be available in four gear ratios all built on the same durable, lightweight GV-5H resin frame. This unique design gives anglers the freedom to change gear-ratios according to the bait and presentation, while maintaining a consistent feel. Having his reel always feel the same in his hand is very important to Jason Christie. While available in four different gear ratios all the reels in this family are made with the same size frame. The knobs of each reel handle come in a specific color-coded knob. Each color represents a different gear ratio, making it easy to quickly identify which speed a particular reel will be. This color-coded system helps promote efficiency on the water and improves reel management.

The SPRO/JC reel come in 4 fish catching gear ratios:
5.6:1 – Gear Specific Knob Color – Green
6.6:1 – Gear Specific Knob Color – Purple
7.3:1 – Gear Specific Knob Color – Red
8.1:1 – Gear Specific Knob Color – Orange

Each reel is equipped with nine ball bearings and has a line capacity of 120yds/12lbs. Weighing in at only 7.9oz with a max drag setting of 20lbs, these reels are built to perform at the highest level.
Christie designed these reels to fit his style of fishing, checking the box on a feature he has wanted in a baitcasting reel for quite some time. “One thing, I have always wanted in a reel was every speed I would need in one frame size. Changing reels frequently in a day takes awhile to get used to when you pick one up a different one. Having one size reel in four speeds keeps a consistent feel for me. That makes me more comfortable to easily make a change during the day. From throwing jerkbaits to flipping a jig, the JC Elite is the only bait caster I need.” Christie concluded.
All four reels have an MSRP of $125.99.

For more information, please visit, WWW.SPRO.COM

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