Getting Families Fishing

Getting Families Fishing
Forestville, WI (April 17, 2024) – Kids and even parents today can’t seem to “disconnect” from their cell phones long enough to make time for meaningful face-to-face connections with family and friends.So, what’s the solution? One innovative teacher created a summer-school homework assignment that required two “cell phone-addicted” students to make it their “mission to go fishin”. As you watch the TV show, try to identify a handful of key elements that can make real family fishing adventures happen. And if you’re a student of R3, see where recruitment, retention, and reactivation come into play.Besides enjoying the action in this program, kids and teachers can share the education that’s part of almost every fishing adventure by watching the companion classroom videos and lesson activities. They’re free, fun and easy to download for engaging peer-driven classroom learning… complete with hands-on sections for getting kids and families fishing.
Fishin’ For Food and Fun comes with complete educational content about how to clean and cook your catch and was provided by our friends at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.Fishing YOUR US Forests is your educational “passport to angling adventure”. This classroom video has tons of companion lesson activities and resources on how to plan a family fishing adventure on YOUR National Forests.
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