Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

Ain’t Over Til It’s Over
Whitewater Fishing’s new Wool Fingerless Glove and Knit Logo Beanie poised to handle any spring weather surprises. 
MUSKEGON, Mich. (April 30, 2024) – Northern anglers hope we’ve turned the corner weather-wise. Southern freshwater anglers and saltwater sticks look forward to that last chilly predawn at the boat landing or dock. But, as history reminds us, a devious May cold front is never out of the question. To that, Whitewater Fishing offers its new Wool Fingerless Glove andKnit Logo Beanie.
If you’ve never fished in fingerless gloves, now’s your chance, and starting with the best out there. The principal premise is maintaining dexterity in your fingertips without sacrificing warmth, as the body of the Wool Fingerless Glove acts like a furnace, delivering heat throughout your hand. Crafted from a blend of lambswool, nylon, and spandex, the Wool Fingerless Glove tenders a soft and durable feel, maintaining their shape even during extended periods on the water as well as wet. And another upside of lambswool is its capacity to maintain warmth even when saturated.  
Cleverly, Whitewater also added silicone grip to the palm. Confidently grasp your rod and reels, paddle, or thermos of coffee while wearing the Wool Fingerless Glove. Again, even when wet. Lambswool is naturally antimicrobial, too. An especially poignant feature for those of us who catch loads of fish. Ahem…
Wool Fingerless Glove FEATURES: Performance fit Durable Naturally antimicrobial for odor prevention Naturally regulates body temperature Silicone print on palm for grip Hand: 50% Lambswool/49% Nylon/1% Spandex Cuff: 49% Lambswool/48% Nylon/3% Rubber MSRP $29.99
Whitewater’s new Knit Logo Beanie is made of superior quality knit fabric, providing exceptional warmth and durability. The Knit Logo Beanie is also tailored for a snug and comfortable fit to ensure it stays in place even during active fishing sessions.You’ll be pleased with its full coverage, too, generously extending over your head and ears.Knit Logo Beanie FEATURES: Premium knit construction Snug and comfortable fit Extends over the head and ears Maintains its shape Embroidered Whitewater logo One size fits most Available in CHARCOAL and GREY MSRP $19.99