Mike Evans & Brian Meadows Win CATT Tidewater Perquimans River, NC April 27, 2024


Next and last 2024 Tidewater Spring Qualifier is May 11th at the Chowan River out of Shoups! You only have to enter 1 Qualifier to be eligible to enter the Final!

To view the Tidewater Points, go to the Tidewater Division page and scroll all the way down!

Well, the weathermen pulled one over on the anglers fishing the fourth tournament of the CATT Tidewater Division on the Perquimans River today. The forecast was for 6-8 mph winds with 12 mph gusts and for the guys that ran out of the Perquimans River this morning I’m sure they would agree with me in saying they got that WRONG! Quite a few teams made or tried to run out of the river this morning in search of a winning bag of bass. Some were successful, some thought twice, and a couple chose not to return at all. The team of Brian Meadows and Michael Evans chose to stay and maximize their fishing time which turned out to be the right decision. The result was a winning limit of river largemouth weighing in at 20.93 lbs earning them a $2300 payday. Andrew George wrapped up a second-place finish fishing solo with 19.70 lbs. Randy Broughman continued his hot streak after winning the Elite 70 last weekend by partnering with Ryan Broughman to weigh in 19.67 lbs which included the big fish of the tournament weighing 7.52 lbs and seal the deal on a third-place finish. The following teams rounded out the money winners.

4th Tim Fallon/Richard Griswold 15.24 lbs

5th Mark Moretz/Ray Cobb 14.73 lbs

6th Al Biagioni/John Larock 14.45 lbs

7th Mike Layton/JA Williford 14.09lbs

8th Brian Cooper/Heath Parker 13.88 lbs

Our next tournament will be on the Chowan river out of Shoups landing on May 11th and is the last chance to qualify for our championship on June 1st.

Mike Evans Brian Meadows5.8920.93$2,300.00110
Andrew George6.6319.70$810.00109
Randy Broughman Ryan  Broughman7.5219.67$930.00108
Tim Fallon Richard Griswold5.3315.24$360.00107
Mark Moretz Ray Cobb4.4514.73$280.00106
Al Biagioni John LaRock4.3514.45$200.00105
JA Williford Mike Layton4.2914.09$160.00104
Brian Cooper Heath Parker0.0013.88$130.00103
Eugene Fouschee Brandon Johnson0.0013.80102
Ricky Mize Travis Badgett4.2013.42101
Wayne Haynes Andy Morath4.7813.07100
Russell Gammon0.0012.7899
Jim Dick Greg Dick3.7812.7398
Ben Knapp Mike Knapp4.2012.5497
Harvey Johnson George Hale0.0012.3396
Bob Clarkson Mark Ingram3.6012.2295
Joe Glazebrook Jeremy Gatewood0.0011.9194
Lloyd Sanderlin John Sanderlin0.0011.8593
Kenneth Moore Joseph Eure0.0011.8492
Mike Scott JP Scott7.3711.4591
Kirk Nixon Trent Nixon0.0011.3390
Cameron Johnson Jordan Norris2.7210.9889
Jason Stacey Steven Cox0.0010.9588
David Shaffer Scott Shaffer3.4510.7487
James Williams4.3710.5286
Jason Parker David Freeman6.1510.4685
Hunter Holloman Tommy Houlroyd0.009.8884
Darren Saunders Dave Parker0.009.7683
Nick Meek Kyle Verkuillen0.009.6482
Tommy Banks Bubba Banks0.009.6281
Chris Banks Zachery Meads0.008.4980
Ken Kipler Shawn Dunlap0.007.7479
Ricky Hodges Matt Greschak0.007.4578
Chris Turner Quinton Chappell5.596.9577
Larry Barefoot0.004.7176
Steve Brickhouse Bud Elkins0.004.2175
Gary Debrito Derek Goodman0.000.0065
Michael Hoggard David Freeman0.000.0065
Charlie Mankin Andrew Grant0.000.0065
Jamie Phelps JR Milligan0.000.0065
Jake Mayers0.000.0065
Jeff Freeman Rodney White0.000.0065
Total Entrys$5,040.00
BONUS $$675.00
Total Paid At Ramp$5,170.00
2023 Tidewater Final Fund$420.00
2023 CATT Championship Fund$75.00
2023 Tidewater Final Fund Total$1,680.00
2023 Tidewater Point Fund$1,690.00