Jason White & Charles Weathersbee Win East Roanoke River, NC April 27, 2024


Next up is the East Final May 4th on the Roanoke River!

Holden Northcutt & Austin Hughes win the East Spring Points and will fish the Final Free!

Jason White & Charles Weathersbee win the Roanoke River with 5 bass weighing 26.15 lbs with a BF at 9.40 lbs!

Jason White – Charles Weathersbee9.4026.15$1,245.00110
Tracy King – Jackson King8.7222.64$300.00109
Walt Goff – Brian Stalls5.3117.37$200.00108
Jim Hipkiss – Dennis Boykin4.2416.84$100.00107
Bobby Clark – Tommy Hughes4.9916.78106
Holden Northcutt – Austin Hughes5.8315.94105
David Swain – Brad Hauser6.7615.89104
Joshua Lanaville – Timothy Davis4.6815.46103
Jason Pittman – Jeremy Hodge4.2214.10102
Matthew Langley – Ronnie Casey0.0013.82101
Stacey Light – Mike Wenthe4.4513.76100
Joe Smith – Raeford Faircloth0.0013.1499
Larry Thomas – Will James0.0012.3998
Ryan Killinger – Dickie Killinger0.0012.3297
Wayne Stallings – Zeb West0.0012.1396
Donald Luther – Mike Kannan0.0011.2395
Andre Powell – Bill Green0.0010.5691
Wilson Johnson – Edward Hackney0.0010.5293
Kevin Jones – Tyler Jones0.009.9292
Joey Rouse0.009.6891
Tommy Dial – Robert Dial0.009.2290
Bruce Dail – Kayla Dail0.008.8389
Total Entrys$1,760.00
BONUS $$525.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,845.00
East 2024 Spring Final Fund$340.00
2024 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2024 East Spring Final Fund Total$1,410.00