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Mike Marchant & Bradley Laurin Win CATT Old North Falls Lake, NC April 27, 2024


Next Old North CATT Qualifier is May 11 at Jordan Lake in
conjunction with the Piedmont Bass Classic Trail! We will email the Old
North guys with info soon!Only enter 2 CATT events Fall of 2023 and Spring of 2024 and you
qualify to enter the 2024 CATT Academy Championship on Kerr Lake May
18-19, 2024! $10,000 MINIMUM GUARANTEED 1st PLACE! Tap on the link to
view Championship info!2024 CATT Academy Championship – Carolina Anglers Team Trail ( Marchant & Bradley Laurin win Falls Lake with 5 bass weighing up at 24.92 lbs! They collected $3,290.00!Chadd Erickson & Toby Lawson claimed 2nd Place with 5 bass weighing 23.00 even worth $1,750.00!Jonathan & Mike Rhew secured 3rd Place with a limit weighing 21.18 lbs! $1,185.004th Place went to Jonathan Phillps & Josh hook with 5 weighing 20.31 lbs! $600.005th Place team was Mike Diterman & Glenn Lous with a limit weighing 19.64 lbs! $500.006th Place with a weigh of 19.16 lbs and the BF weighing 6.45 lbs were Larry Hipps & Dean Larison! $990.00!We paid back a total of 12 Place with the 11th place being a tie so
we bumped up the money to give both teams at the least their entry fee
back!Total payback for the Falls event was $9,670.00!

Mike Marchant – Bradley Laurin5.7824.92$3,290.00110
Chadd Erikson – Tobey Lawson5.4623.00$1,750.00109
Jonathan Rhew – Mike Rhew5.9821.18$1,185.00108
Jonathan Phillips – Josh Hooks0.0020.31$600.00107
Mike Diterman – Glenn Lous0.0019.64$500.00106
Larry Hipps – Dean Larison6.4519.16$990.00105
Thomas Scheffer – Craig Leff4.5218.97$375.00104
Todd Massey – Chad Fara0.0018.36$275.00103
Budd Whitt – Spencer Moody5.4618.34$225.00102
Zach Blalock – Mike Corbishley0.0017.50$200.00101
Billy Bledsoe – Tanner Bledsoe0.0017.39$140.00100
Justin Rhew – Rodger Clary0.0017.39$140.0099
Chad Craven – Ben Cannon0.0017.3898
Brock Rouse – Parker Mills (SUB)0.0016.8597
Scott Smith – Dennis Reedy0.0016.2296
David Farmer – Matt Deese0.0015.3495
Jeff Beasley – Parker Beasley5.8315.2994
Johnny Howard – William Howard5.3915.0193
Larry + Logan Sessoms0.0014.9692
Joe Edwards – Zach Boren4.2314.5091
Ricky Petty – Michael Cook0.0014.4390
Lucas Lobaugh – Jeremy Moody0.0013.7389
Terry Amen – Casey Johnson0.0013.6288
Eric Pittard – Josh Beddingfield3.5313.5387
Brian Fritts – Bo Adams0.0013.1486
Wayne Shaw – Dennis Shaw (sub)4.8912.9385
Matt Harrison5.0212.9284
Todd Sumner – Rick Z0.0011.9883
Stewart Adams – John Adams0.0011.7482
Kyle Westerman – Jamie Olive0.0011.6781
Mike Salguero – Dale Delaney5.2011.3580
Randy Robson – Brian Robson4.8510.8179
Jody George – Ricky Parker0.0010.7778
Eric Schell – Todd Smith0.0010.6477
David Walton – Ricky Oquinn0.009.8176
Clay Ausley – Ken McNeil0.009.8075
Ron White0.009.6974
Toney + Chase Stanley5.999.6773
Allen White – Mike Vaughan0.009.4672
James Hastings – Stanton Mcduffie0.009.1971
March Herndon – Bobby Houser0.008.1870
Brock Johnson – Teddy Whitey0.005.5869
Zach Huey – John Dowdy0.004.4268
John McClelland – Bruce McClelland0.000.0058
David Hall – Dustin Hall0.000.0058
Alec Lower – Richard Lower0.000.0058
Raeford Soles – Noan Thompson0.000.0058
Jordan Young – Mark Young0.000.0058
Jonathan Holloway – Brian West0.000.0058
Timothy McMillian – Timothy McMillian JR0.000.0058
Jerry Dean – Robert Dean0.000.0058
Barry Klinefelter – Randy Goss0.000.0058
Drew Johnson – Danny Person0.000.0058
Erin Johnson – Grayson Barefoot0.000.0058
Chris Perkins0.000.0058
Joel Lloyd – Jamie Sykes0.000.0058
Tim Goad – Mark Williams0.000.0058
Doug Stallings – Tate Fogleman0.000.0058
Landon Siggers – Bob Mahan0.000.0058
Total Entrys$8,120.00
BONUS $$2,450.00
Total Paid At Ramp$9,670.00
Old North 2024 Spring Final Fund$800.00
2024 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2024 Old North Spring Final Fund Total$4,395.00