Lake Anna May Fishing Report by Tyler Heuple


Lake Anna May Fishing Report

Water Temperatures: High 60’s – Low 70’s and rising

Water Clarity: Clear to Clear Stained

Great weather and good fishing! May is a fun time to enjoy Lake Anna bass fishing. 

The large majority of fish are post-spawn, but you will certainly still see an occasional fish on bed. The next six weeks are my favorite time on Lake Anna. It is a junk fishing paradise with a lot of different ways to catch them. 

The fish are getting out of their post-spawn funk and a fun shad spawn bite can be found throughout the lake. Timing is everything for the shad spawn, and that bite typically tapers off as the sun rises. So if you’re making a trip to Anna get out EARLY! Shad will spawn around a bunch of different hard structures, rocks, seawalls, willow grass, docks, etc… Keep your eyes searching as you make your way through the lake because if it’s on, the fish will sometimes let you know with surface commotion. 

I always look for birds near the bank this time of year, that can oftentimes be a good indicator of where the shad spawn is going down. For this bite, think moving baits, and the color white, or other natural shad pattern colors.

There are also a lot of shallow fry guarders and cruisers throughout the lake right now. You can’t go wrong with keeping it simple and throwing around a wacky rig to target these fish.

The topwater bite is present and will only get better for the next couple of weeks. Keep one on deck and at the ready.

The lake is wide open and you can fish to your strengths right now with all that’s going on. 

Tight Lines!

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  • Tyler Heuple