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Bass Fishing the Texas Rig for More Success!


Crafting the ultimate Texas rig setup involves meticulous attention to various components, each integral to maximizing your success on the water. The foundation starts with a high-speed baitcasting reel, which enables efficient line retrieval and optimal bait presentation within the strike zone. Coupled with a strong drag system, this setup ensures robust hook sets and effective fish management. The choice of rod is crucial; a longer, medium-heavy to heavy rod with a fast action tip enhances casting distance, sensitivity, and control. The line selection is equally important, with fluorocarbon offering superior abrasion resistance and low visibility, aiding in stealthier presentations. Finally, the weight of the rig, preferably tungsten, should be chosen to match the bait profile and fishing conditions, ensuring the right fall rate and movement to entice bites. Each of these components are key to building a Texas rig that is not only effective but also highly responsive to the nuanced challenges of bass fishing.Our newest FreshBaitz Mandingo Trick Worm is the ultimate game-changer for anglers with a passion! Engineered for the angler who knows SIZE does matter, this lure is designed to attract only the BIGGEST bass with a penchant for the larger bait. The Mandingo Trick Worm boasts a solid 7-inch body enhanced with a hyperactive ribbed design, ensuring irresistible mouth-watering action for those trophy bass. Officially available in a vibrant array of 8 colors. Each worm is made from durable, high-grade Non-Salted plastic for lifelike action and unparalleled durability. Perfectly balanced for a variety of rigging options and scented for total and maximum attraction, the Mandingo Trick Worm promises year-round effectiveness in lakes, rivers, and streams. Whether you’re rigging it on a Shakey Head, Drop Shot, Texas Rig, or Carolina Rig, these worms are your ticket to landing the big ones. Proudly made in the USA by real anglers to help elevate your fishing experience and catch more bass year-round!
The gear ratio of a baitcasting reel is pivotal in determining its efficiency for Texas rig fishing. A fast gear ratio, typically between 7.1:1 and 7.5:1, is ideal as it allows for quick retrieval of the line once the bait moves out of the strike zone. This speed isn’t about moving the bait faster through the water—rather, it ensures that the angler can reel in slack swiftly and make subsequent casts more efficiently. This keeps the bait in the strike zone longer, increasing the chances of a bite. Fast reeling is crucial especially when a bass strikes and moves towards the angler, requiring quick line retrieval to maintain tension and facilitate a successful hook set. A higher gear ratio helps in quickly adjusting bait position and responding to sudden changes in fish behavior. It also aids in efficiently managing fishing time, allowing more casts over the course of a fishing session, which potentially leads to more bites. Quick action reels enhance handling and performance of the rig which is crucial for bass.The new FreshBaitz Lizards deliver a realistic profile that excels in both power and finesse techniques. Act fact, we just released new Ghost and 10w30 Syntheic Lizard designs! The unique forward-facing leg design creates drag that holds it in the strike zone longer or produces wild flapping action with every pull of the rod. Additionally, its slightly ribbed solid body and large head hold your hook in place and provide much better weedless performance making it the ideal bait to use in any condition. Water clarity always plays a super big role in color selection but in any season year-round, you can’t miss when using colors such as Watermelon RedBlack & Blue, or Green Pumpkin. Its flexible tail design ensures added movement, tempting even the most cautious fish. The superior 5.5-inch profile stretches to a whole 7 inches which is perfect for predatory fish including bass year round. Made from long-lasting durable high-grade non-salted plastic for total and maximum attention-grabbing action underwater.
A strong and reliable drag system is critical when fishing with Texas rigs, as it must handle sudden pulls and ensure a firm hook set without slipping. Drag settings around 14 pounds or higher are typically recommended to penetrate the tough jaws of bass, especially in scenarios involving heavy cover where pulling the fish out quickly is necessary. The ability to adjust the drag during the fight allows anglers to manage larger fish more effectively, preventing line breaks and hook pulls. This system needs to be robust enough to set the hook firmly yet adjustable to accommodate the powerful surges during a fish’s attempt to escape. An optimal drag system also contributes to smoother line release under tension, which enhances the angler’s control and finesse in bait presentation. Ensuring the drag is neither too tight nor too loose helps in maintaining the perfect balance needed to handle unexpected movements by the fish.  A finely tuned drag system is an indispensable component of the Texas rig.We use our Fresh Scorpion because it closely imitates a crawfish. Our newest 10w30 Synthetic , Slimer Green, and Barbie Pink Scorpion colors work wonders. The Scorpion is a revolutionary new look to soft plastics. Its intricate detailing and texture mimic the nuances of a real crawfish, making it hard for bass to resist. Of course, water clarity always plays a role in color selection but in any season, you can’t miss using colors such as Green Pumpkin SeedBrown BarkMagneto. This bait not only appears natural to fish but gives them something to become curious about. The Scorpion paired with a stand-up jig is deadly because the jig actually sits the bait upright in a defensive stance. The subtle color variations across the bait further enhance its appeal, mimicking the natural color shifts found in live prey. Each Fresh Scorpion has a unique and exclusive 3-axis tail design that is engineered like no other soft plastic bait. Our Scorpions are made by anglers from high-grade non-salt plastic to provide superior life-like action-triggering strikes!
The rod for Texas rigging should be chosen with precision; length and power are crucial. A longer rod, usually between 7-foot-4 and 7-foot-8, aids in achieving greater casting distances and provides the leverage needed for both setting the hook and managing fish. Medium heavy to heavy rods are preferred because they offer the backbone necessary for solid hook sets and sufficient flexibility to fight the fish without risking breakages. The right rod not only supports better line management but also enhances the angler’s control over the presentation of the bait across various conditions. Longer rods also facilitate easier handling of longer line lengths during casts and retrieves, crucial in wide or structured waters. The increased rod length helps in sweeping movements needed for hook setting in deep or obstructed areas, ensuring the hook penetrates effectively. A robust rod with adequate power can efficiently absorb the shock and stress during intense battles with bigger and aggressive bass.Our Fresh HellaMite is scented for complete and total attraction underwater along with being made in the USA by real fishermen just like you. Our newest Glow and 10w30 Synthetic HellaMite colors are a must-have. We also just released new eye-catching colors including the Slimer Green and Barbie Pink HellaMite. Act fast, these colors won’t stay in stock for long. If you’re fast enough you can also grab our seasonal limited-release Pumpkin Spice HellaMite along with the Money HellaMite. We also recently restocked our GhostRed BugPurple RainBrown BugElectric Chicken, and Goby Wan colors. The HellaMite’s solid body and hyperactive ribbed tail design produce a life-like quivering action with every twitch of the rod. Additionally, its unique flat underbelly detail enables this bait to be fished as a drop shot, Ned rig, neko rig, and even a small Carolina-rig, making it the ideal bait in any condition. When the water is clear, the fish can see the bait and look like real food, causing strikes. 
A fast action rod tip is essential for several reasons. It offers improved sensitivity, allowing anglers to detect subtle nibbles and lighter bites that might otherwise go unnoticed. It enhances the rod’s responsiveness, facilitating accurate and efficient casting. The fast tip also plays a role in hook setting, providing a quick and powerful action necessary to secure the hook in the fish’s mouth firmly. When combined with the right rod length and power, a fast action tip contributes to the overall performance of the Texas rig setup. This tip flexibility is particularly advantageous in situations where precision is required to target specific structures or cover. The fast action also allows for better manipulation of the bait, giving it a more lifelike movement through twitching techniques. The quick responsiveness of a fast action tip can mean the difference between a missed opportunity and a successful catch, especially in competitive angling scenarios. A fast tip ensures minimal delay from the inital detection to reaction.Our Fresh Beetle delivers ultimate versatility in a soft plastic bait. Its slim yet wide body design and four claws are engineered to naturally glide and wobble as it moves through the water. This design ensures they remain enticingly active longer than conventional baits. Its unique texture also provides a realistic feel, making bass hold on longer once they bite. Water clarity plays a big role in color selection but year-round you can’t miss when using go-to colors such as Chocolate MintOx Blood, or 10w30 Synthetic beetles. The hyper-active swimming claws are designed thin with long-lasting durable non-salt plastic to make them come alive with the slightest movement. The Fresh Beetle offers an enticing 4-inch profile and is scented for complete and total attraction! You can rig these Beetles as a Jig/ Chatter Trailer, Flippin/ Punching, Texas Rig, Swing Jig, and Carolina Rig. Making the beetle beyond perfect in any weather condition year-round!
Fluorocarbon line is favored for Texas rigging due to its advantageous properties. It’s highly abrasion-resistant, making it suitable for fishing around underwater structures like rocks and tree stumps. Its low visibility in water enhances bait presentation by making the line less detectable to fish. Fluorocarbon has a slight stretch, which is crucial during the fight with a fish as it provides a buffer that can prevent the hook from tearing out. Its density also helps in transmitting vibrations and maintaining a better feel of the bait through the water. The material’s resistance to UV light and chemicals ensures long-lasting durability, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Fluorocarbon also sinks faster than monofilament, making it ideal for bottom fishing techniques and maintaining a tighter line. Its properties significantly reduce the chances of spooking fish increasing the chances of strikes and is a top choice for anglers seeking to optimize their setup for clarity, sensitivity, and durability.Using a stick-styled worm is the most tried and true ways to catch fish. We have a wide variety of 5-inch Worms to choose from but we recently released new Glow and Ghost Worms! You can also experience our new wacky rigging kit while it’s ON SALE! The WACKY Pack offers our most popular colors and essential tools for wacky rigging. If you’re fast enough you might be able to grab the limited-release Pumpkin Spice Worm before it’s completely sold out along with some of our newest colors including the Brown WormElectic Chicken Worm, and Goby Wan Worm colors. The high-grade non-salt plastic they’re made from provides positive buoyancy and it even floats underwater! We also released new 6-inch Worms including CharmeleonRainbow TRTBoneChocolate Mint, and Fire TGR are all available in 5 and 6-inch. We’ve also recently released new 8-count packs of worms available in Watermelon RedBlack & Blue, and Green Pumpkin. We also offer worms that have the unique ability to shift from one color to another. Scented for total attraction underwater.
Choosing the right weight and material is essential for the proper presentation of Texas rigs. Tungsten weights are preferred over lead due to their greater density, which enhances sensitivity and allows for more precise feedback on light bites and bottom structure. The weight should complement the bait size and the fishing environment; it must be heavy enough to achieve the desired sink rate but not so heavy that it impedes the natural movement of the bait. In weed-heavy or dense cover, heavier weights might be necessary to penetrate and reach the target zone effectively. The compact size of tungsten also means it’s less likely to snag, offering a cleaner presentation as it moves through vegetation or rocky bottoms. Tungsten weights create a louder, more distinctive sound when they contact rocks or hard surfaces, potentially attracting more attention from fish. The tungsten is an optimal choice for anglers looking to enhance their Texas rig setups for more efficient fishing.We have a wide variety of terminal tackle to choose from. For Scorpions, we love to use the Stand-Up Jig because it sits your bait up-right in a defensive stance! The popular All Purpose Hooks are built with an extra-wide gap and are made to accommodate a wide range of soft plastics. The Mosquito Hooks work for drop-shotting and perfectly accommodates a wide range of soft plastics. The Block Head Jig is perfect for ned rigging the HellaMite with its mushroom-style head that seamlessly matches a wide variety of soft plastics. The Offset Block Head Jig, offers the same mushroom-style head with a unique offset hook, making it a go-to for weedless Ned Rig applications. The Shakey Ultrahead can permanently secure baits by inserting the pin in the center and screwing the twist lock coil spring for perfect rigging every time! The Ultrahead Wacky Jig features precise weight positioning and hook orientation for the ultimate wacky presentations. For fast Texas rigging, we use the Bullet-Type Rig which has an attached weight saving you pressure time when fishing cover. The 4x Jungle Flippin Hook is designed for big fish and the toughest conditions. The Range Roller Jig Head is crafted for precision with its high center axis design, perfect for hover-strolling and mid to bottom strolling with forward facing sonar, ensuring an enticing rolling action for soft plastics.

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