Mike Corbishley & Bryson Peed Win CATT Old North Falls Lake, NC June 1, 2024


Up next is the 2024 Old Spring Final on Jordan Lake launching from Farrington Point June 15th!

There are 48 teams qualified to fish the Final. The teams are highlighted in Blue on the Old North Points list! Go to the Old North Division page and scroll all the way down to view the points!

Final – $140 Entry $150 at Ramp
Spring Final $8,000 1st Place GUARANTEED!
A Team had to enter 4 Old North Spring Qualifiers to be eligible to enter the Old North Spring Final!
You can fish the Old North Spring Final with your partner, solo or with a sub your team used in an Old North Spring Qualifier.

Lucas Lobaugh & Jeremy Moody are the 2024 Old North Point Champs and will receive free entry to all 2025 Old North Spring Qualifiers Plus Blast off position #1!

Bryson Peed & Mike Corbishley win Falls Lake with 5 bass weighing 29.11 lbs Plus they brought in the BF at 8.97 lbs and took home $3,310.00!

Bo Adams & Brian Fritts took 2dn with 27.17 lbs!

Mark Herndon & Bobby Hauser earned 3rd with 26.23 lbs!

Mike Corbishley – Bryson Peed8.9729.11$3,310.00110
Brian Fritts – Bo Adams7.2827.17$1,580.00109
Mark Herndon – Bobby Hauser7.4526.23$890.00108
Mike Marchant – Bradley Mclaurin5.8821.12$450.00107
David Hall – Dustin Hall6.6419.52$325.00106
Jeff Beasley – Parker Beasley6.7919.35$300.00105
Alec Lower – Richard Lower4.4719.30$275.00104
Houston Cash – Cam Pearce6.4718.94$225.00103
William Howard – Bryce McClenney7.7018.89$175.00102
Chad Craven – Ben Cannon5.0318.67101
Todd Sumner – Rick Z8.2217.83100
Billy Bledsoe – Tanner Bledsoe0.0017.4999
Joel Lloyd – Hunter Campbell (sub)5.1617.2898
Jonathan Rhew – Mike Rhew5.8616.8997
Lucas Lobaugh – Jeremy Moody6.7416.5496
Thomas Scheffer – Craig Leff0.0016.1395
Gray Williams – Ben Dalton0.0015.8494
Jerry Staggs – Malcolm Rawls5.9315.7593
Landon Siggers – Bob Mahan0.0014.3092
Scott Woodson – Matt Lucy (sub)0.0014.2291
Chad Fara – Todd Massey0.0013.8690
Randy Robson – Brian Robson0.0013.1889
Josh Beddingfield – Eric Pittard0.0013.0688
Stewart Adams – John Adams0.0012.7487
Brian Postma – Todd Postma0.0012.6186
Larry Hipps – Dean Larrison5.0312.2985
David Bullock – Jimmy Henderson6.4211.9384
Steve Woodlief – Hunter Woodlief0.009.6483
Aaron Johnson – Charles Napier0.008.1882
David Walton – Ricky Oquinn0.007.8181
Budd Whitt – Spencer Moody0.007.6680
Douglas Phillips – Wayne Shaw3.006.7479
Mike Salguero – Dale Delaney3.073.0778
John McClelland – Larry Godfrey0.000.0068
Beckett Farmer – Matt Deese0.000.0068
Eric Schell – Todd Smith0.000.0068
Johnny Howard – William Howard0.000.0068
David Matthews – Bobby Mathews0.000.0068
Jesse Spell0.000.0068
Justin Rhew – Roger Clary0.000.0068
John McClelland – Larry Godfrey0.000.0068
Jerry Dean – Robert Dean0.000.0068
Matt Harrison0.000.0068
Justin Stinger – Bri Stinger0.000.0068
Johnny Wilder – Mike Harris0.000.0068
Tony Stanley – Chase Stanley0.000.0068
Dennis Reedy – Scott Smith0.000.0068
Total Entrys$6,440.00
BONUS $$1,950.00
Total Paid At Ramp$7,530.00
Old North 2024 Spring Final Fund$760.00
2025 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2024 Old North Spring Final Fund Total$6,155.00