Bass Fishing Postspawn on New Waters!

Key to targeting postspawn bass is a deep understanding of the local forage. Knowing what the bass prey upon in different bodies of water helps anglers predict where the bass might be. This involves researching or observing the primary diet of the bass in the area, whether it be shad, crayfish, minnows, or other local species. Seasonal changes can also affect forage availability and behavior, requiring anglers to adjust their strategies accordingly. The water temperature and clarity can influence forage movements, which in turn impacts where bass are likely to feed. Understanding these dynamics helps in selecting the right locations and techniques for fishing. Lastly, by mimicking the natural movements and appearance of local forage, anglers can increase their chances of attracting postspawn bass, making knowledge of the local diet integral to successful angling. Engaging with local fishing communities and experts can also provide insights into specific forage patterns and bass behaviors.Our newest FreshBaitz Mandingo Trick Worm is the ultimate game-changer for anglers with a passion! Engineered for the angler who knows SIZE does matter, this lure is designed to attract only the BIGGEST bass with a penchant for the larger bait. The Mandingo Trick Worm boasts a solid 7-inch body enhanced with a hyperactive ribbed design, ensuring irresistible mouth-watering action for those trophy bass. Officially available in a vibrant array of 8 colors. Each worm is made from durable, high-grade Non-Salted plastic for lifelike action and unparalleled durability. Perfectly balanced for a variety of rigging options and scented for total and maximum attraction, the Mandingo Trick Worm promises year-round effectiveness in lakes, rivers, and streams. Whether you’re rigging it on a Shakey Head, Drop Shot, Texas Rig, or Carolina Rig, these worms are your ticket to landing the big ones. Proudly made in the USA by real anglers to help elevate your fishing experience and catch more bass year-round!
Highland reservoirs are typically characterized by clear, deep waters with rocky structures and significant depth variations. Postspawn bass in these environments often retreat to deeper, cooler waters and are found around structures that provide ample opportunities for ambushing prey. Anglers should focus on areas like rocky points and submerged islands where bass can easily access both deep and shallow waters. As the day progresses and the sun rises, bass may move closer to these structures to seek shade and cooler conditions. Additionally, the presence of currents can bring food to these areas, making them hotspots for bass activity. It is also important to consider the wind direction as it can influence where baitfish are driven, thereby attracting bass to specific points or coves. During early morning or late evening, the lower light conditions make bass more active and willing to venture into shallower zones. Seasonal shifts also play a crucial role, as water levels and temperatures can change the bass’s location within these reservoirs.The new FreshBaitz Lizards deliver a realistic profile that excels in both power and finesse techniques. Act fact, we just released new Hot Sauce, MidNight, Ghost and 10w30 Syntheic Lizard designs! The unique forward-facing leg design creates drag that holds it in the strike zone longer or produces wild flapping action with every pull of the rod. Additionally, its slightly ribbed solid body and large head hold your hook in place and provide much better weedless performance making it the ideal bait to use in any condition. Water clarity always plays a super big role in color selection but in any season year-round, you can’t miss when using colors such as Watermelon RedBlack & Blue, or Green Pumpkin. Its flexible tail design ensures added movement, tempting even the most cautious fish. The superior 5.5-inch profile stretches to a whole 7 inches which is perfect for predatory fish including bass year round. Made from long-lasting durable high-grade non-salted plastic for total and maximum attention-grabbing action underwater.
In contrast to highland reservoirs, lowland reservoirs often have murkier waters and shallower depths with softer bottoms. After spawning, bass may linger in or near spawning areas but will move to nearby structures like long, flat points and aquatic vegetation where they can find protection and food. Understanding the movement patterns from spawning beds to these structures is crucial. These environments are often rich in nutrients, which can lead to more abundant aquatic plant life and consequently attract various forage species. The increased cover provided by vegetation not only offers bass refuge from predators and the elements but also prime ambush spots for feeding. It’s important for anglers to carefully navigate these thick vegetative areas to effectively target bass without spooking them. Seasonal water level fluctuations can expose new structures or submerge existing ones, creating dynamic fishing opportunities. Anglers should also pay attention to the clarity of the water, which can vary with weather conditions.We use our Fresh Scorpion because it closely imitates a crawfish. Our newest 10w30 Synthetic , Slimer Green, and Barbie Pink Scorpion colors work wonders. The Scorpion is a revolutionary new look to soft plastics. Its intricate detailing and texture mimic the nuances of a real crawfish, making it hard for bass to resist. Of course, water clarity always plays a role in color selection but in any season, you can’t miss using colors such as Green Pumpkin SeedBrown BarkMagneto. This bait not only appears natural to fish but gives them something to become curious about. The Scorpion paired with a stand-up jig is deadly because the jig actually sits the bait upright in a defensive stance. The subtle color variations across the bait further enhance its appeal, mimicking the natural color shifts found in live prey. Each Fresh Scorpion has a unique and exclusive 3-axis tail design that is engineered like no other soft plastic bait. Our Scorpions are made by anglers from high-grade non-salt plastic to provide superior life-like action-triggering strikes!
Northern natural lakes are often clear, featuring a mix of sandy and rocky bottoms with abundant aquatic vegetation. Postspawn bass in these settings are likely to be found around complex structures like rock piles and weed lines where they can both hide and hunt. The clear water demands stealth and precision in approach. This clarity also means that bass are more visually aware of their surroundings, making it essential for anglers to use more natural-colored and less intrusive lures. Light penetration in these waters can be significant, affecting how deep the bass will position themselves during different times of the day. Morning or late evening, when the light is softer, may see bass moving into shallower areas to feed. During bright midday conditions, bass might retreat to deeper, darker waters where they feel more secure. Anglers should adjust their tactics accordingly, possibly switching to deeper diving lures or techniques suited for vertical presentations. Understanding the seasonal migrations of baitfish in these lakes can guide anglers.Our Fresh HellaMite is scented for complete and total attraction underwater along with being made in the USA by real fishermen just like you. Grab our newest Hot Sauce, MidNight, Glow, and 10w30 Synthetic HellaMite colors. We also just released new colors designs including the Slimer Green and Barbie Pink HellaMite. Act fast, these colors won’t stay in stock for long. If you’re fast enough you can also grab our seasonal limited-release Pumpkin Spice HellaMite along with the Money HellaMite. We also recently restocked our GhostRed BugPurple RainBrown BugElectric Chicken, and Goby Wan colors. The HellaMite’s solid body and hyperactive ribbed tail design produce a life-like quivering action with every twitch of the rod. Additionally, its unique flat underbelly detail enables this bait to be fished as a drop shot, Ned rig, neko rig, and even a small Carolina-rig, making it the ideal bait in any condition. When the water is clear, the fish can see the bait and look like real food, causing strikes. 
Florida lakes are shallow, vegetation-rich environments require an understanding of how weather patterns affect bass behavior, especially the Florida-strain largemouth which are sensitive to temperature changes. Postspawn bass might be found in areas where there is dense vegetation or in transition zones between different types of aquatic habitats. These lakes often experience significant temperature fluctuations which can quickly alter the bass’s activity levels and feeding patterns. During warmer periods, bass may seek cooler, shaded areas within thick vegetation or deeper pockets of water to regulate their body temperature. It’s also vital to monitor barometric pressure changes, as Florida bass are known to respond acutely to these shifts, often becoming more active before a weather front moves in. The clarity of the water in these lakes can vary, affecting how well bass can see and respond to lures. Create vibration or noise to attract bass in murkier conditions. Understanding can provide clues about optimal fishing spots during the postspawn period.Our Fresh Beetle delivers ultimate versatility in a soft plastic bait. Its slim yet wide body design and four claws are engineered to naturally glide and wobble as it moves through the water. This design ensures they remain enticingly active longer than conventional baits. Its unique texture also provides a realistic feel, making bass hold on longer once they bite. Water clarity plays a big role in color selection but year-round you can’t miss when using go-to colors such as Chocolate MintOx Blood, or 10w30 Synthetic beetles. The hyper-active swimming claws are designed thin with long-lasting durable non-salt plastic to make them come alive with the slightest movement. The Fresh Beetle offers an enticing 4-inch profile and is scented for complete and total attraction! You can rig these Beetles as a Jig/ Chatter Trailer, Flippin/ Punching, Texas Rig, Swing Jig, and Carolina Rig. Making the beetle beyond perfect in any weather condition year-round!
In environments like tidal rivers and estuaries, bass behavior is significantly influenced by the movement of tides. These waters experience fluctuations that can alter the depth and locations where forage is available, thus changing where bass can be found. Anglers must pay close attention to the tide schedule, focusing on periods when the tide is outgoing, as this often concentrates bait and bass around structures like feeder creeks and submerged vegetation. Understanding how the tidal flow impacts the positioning of bass relative to food sources and cover is crucial for effective fishing in these areas. The changing salinity levels in these tidal systems can affect forage behavior and availability, which in turn influences bass feeding habits. It’s also beneficial to note the water clarity changes with the tides, which can dictate the type of fishing tactics and lure visibility that will be most successful during different tide phases. Monitoring these conditions allows anglers to adapt their strategies to the dynamic environment, optimizing their chances for strikes.Using a stick-styled worm is the most tried and true ways to catch fish. We have a variety of 5-inch Worms to choose from but we just added new MidNight, Glow, and Ghost Worms! You can also experience our new wacky rigging kit while it’s ON SALE! The WACKY Pack offers our most popular colors and essential tools for wacky rigging. If you’re fast enough you might be able to grab the limited-release Pumpkin Spice Worm before it’s completely sold out along with some of our newest colors including the Brown WormElectic Chicken Worm, and Goby Wan Worm colors. The high-grade non-salt plastic they’re made from provides positive buoyancy and it even floats underwater! We also released new 6-inch Worms including CharmeleonRainbow TRTBoneChocolate Mint, and Fire TGR are all available in 5 and 6-inch. We’ve also recently released new 8-count packs of worms available in Watermelon RedBlack & Blue, and Green Pumpkin. We also offer worms that have the unique ability to shift from one color to another. Scented for total attraction underwater.
Fishing in inland rivers involves dealing with a constant flow of water in one direction, unlike the cyclical nature of tidal waters. This constant current affects how forage and bass position themselves, often behind structures that break the current like rock jetties, islands, or downed trees. Eddies and slack water areas next to faster currents can be particularly productive spots as they provide bass with a break from the current while still allowing them easy access to passing food. Knowing how to read the river’s flow and identify these key spots can significantly increase the success of fishing for postspawn bass. The sediment and nutrients carried by the river can create fertile feeding grounds, especially where the water slows and these materials settle. Water clarity in rivers can vary significantly with weather conditions, particularly after rainfall, which may stir up sediments or increase flow rates. Often finding that subtle presentations may be more effective in clearer waters, while more vibrant and noisy techniques are better in murkier water conditions.We have a wide variety of terminal tackle to choose from. For Scorpions, we love to use the Stand-Up Jig because it sits your bait up-right in a defensive stance! The popular All Purpose Hooks are built with an extra-wide gap and are made to accommodate a wide range of soft plastics. The Mosquito Hooks work for drop-shotting and perfectly accommodates a wide range of soft plastics. The Block Head Jig is perfect for ned rigging the HellaMite with its mushroom-style head that seamlessly matches a wide variety of soft plastics. The Offset Block Head Jig, offers the same mushroom-style head with a unique offset hook, making it a go-to for weedless Ned Rig applications. The Shakey Ultrahead can permanently secure baits by inserting the pin in the center and screwing the twist lock coil spring for perfect rigging every time! The Ultrahead Wacky Jig features precise weight positioning and hook orientation for the ultimate wacky presentations. For fast Texas rigging, we use the Bullet-Type Rig which has an attached weight saving you pressure time when fishing cover. The 4x Jungle Flippin Hook is designed for big fish and the toughest conditions. The Range Roller Jig Head is crafted for precision with its high center axis design, perfect for hover-strolling and mid to bottom strolling with forward facing sonar, ensuring an enticing rolling action for soft plastics.