Thursday, July 25, 2024

Mark Herndon Wins CATT Old North Jordan Lake, NC June 15, 2024


We wrapped another great year on the Old North CATT Trail! We will have the Old North Fall schedule out soon PLUS the 2025 Spring Old North schedule will follow!

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MARK YOUR CALENDAR! The 2025 CATT Academy Championship will be May 17-18, 2025 at Kerr Lake, NC!

See you there!

Mark Herndon weighed in 5 bass at 28.63 lbs along with the BF at 7.81 lbs taking 1st Place worth $8,950.00! Great job Mark!

5 teams weighed in over 20 lbs!

Our 2024 Old North Spring Point Winners! Lucas Labough & Jeremy Moody!

Thanks for fishing with CATT!

Mark Herndon7.8128.63$8,950.00
Ben Cannon – Chad Craven5.9025.84$1,480.00
Zach Huey – John Doughty7.0025.02$950.00
Chad Fara – Todd Massey6.2421.44$500.00
Judy George – Ricky Parker4.9320.48$375.00
Todd Sumer – Rich Z4.8819.79$150.00
Thomas Scheffer – Craig Leff7.1719.68
Josh Beddingfield – Eric Pittard5.9318.65
Stewart Adams – John Adams0.0017.38
Billy Bledsoe – Tanner Bledsoe0.0016.35
Joel Llyod – Hunter Campbell0.0015.84
John McClelland – Larry Godfrey0.0014.40
Jeff Beasley – Parker Beasley5.5813.93
Johnny Howard – William Howard4.3513.87
Rick Dunstan – Mike Farell4.4713.05
Alec Lower – Richard Lower0.0012.36
Mike Salguero – Dale Delaney0.0012.10
Lucas Lobaugh – Jeremey Moody0.009.88
Terry Amen – Casey Johnson0.008.27
David Walton – Ricky Quinn0.007.09
Doug Phillips – Wayne Shaw0.005.20
David Farmer – Matt Deese0.000.00
Clay Ausley – Ken Mcneil0.000.00
Eric Schell – Todd Smith0.000.00
Zach Bouren – Joe Edwards0.000.00
Larry Hipps – Dean Larson0.000.00
James Hastings – Stanton McDuffie0.000.00
Brock Johnson – Teddy Whitley0.000.00
Mark Williams – Tim Goad0.000.00
Mike Dintermand – Glenn Long0.000.00
Toney Stanley – Chase Stanley0.000.00
Bo Adams – Brian Fritts0.000.00
Scott Smith – Dennis Reedy0.000.00
Landon Siggers – Bob Mahan0.000.00

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