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Rodney & Jason Thomas Win CATT Yadkin Spring Final High Rock, NC June 16, 2024


2024 CATT Spring Final Yadkin Division results:

2024 spring was unlike any other, this group is a special group of anglers. Consistence in numbers all season long even when the weather was not in our favor, but these anglers stood the test and kept the scales jumping. We appreciate you all, from the anglers to the spectators that make our events and weigh ins great. A huge shout out to Megs Men Incorporated for sponsoring lunch today, it is very much appreciated. Also, Nick Bashford for the sweet custom trophies from C-Stick / Ultra Tech Tool and Machine. Erik, the weigh master, words can’t even begin to express what you did this year man. Commitment and dedication i believe would be a bit of an understatement here. Not one event missed driving from West Virginia to be with the Yadkin Trail. I appreciate everything that you do for this trail man. I believe everybody is familiar with the kitchen committee now, Carissa Smith and Kari Murphy. They work great together as a team but have also proved they can work solo as well. Thank you both for what you do for us at the finals. Congratulations to all the winners! I will post the fall schedule in just a few weeks, again, thank you all for supporting the CATT Trail Yadkin Division!

Big Mike.

Jason & Rodney Thoms win the Yadkin Spring Final on High Rock with 5 bass weighing 20.25 lbs PLUS they brought in the BF at 6.62 lbs! They collected $4,570.00!

Rodney Thomas – Jason Thomas6.6220.25$4,570.00
Steve Dyer – Joel Ketchum0.0017.43$1,840.00
Steve Sink – Jason Riggs0.0017.00$1,170.00
Shawn Knight – Ron Wolfarth0.0016.70$500.00
Tod Haynes – Jeremy Talbert0.0016.13$250.00
Ladd Whicker – Landon Whicker0.0016.08$150.00
Butch Drew – Kenny Drew0.0015.19
Todd Butler – Jeffrey Furr0.0014.46
Zach Scelsi – Kris Scelsi6.2414.42
Mike Kiser0.0013.81
Dusty Taylor – Kolton Hawks0.0013.20
Scott Henlery – John Boy0.0013.18
Mike Ray – Orlando Giles3.4412.56
Zac Ridenhour – Clay Ridenhour0.0011.59
Robin Collins – Ronnie White0.0011.50
Bart Hill – Wyatt Hill0.0011.48
Tyler Currick – Greg Robertson0.0010.67
Josh Stafford – Tony Stafford0.0010.49
Kevin J Stowell – Chris Hammonds0.005.24
Austin Garland0.000.00
Derek Crumbley – Calvin McCaskill0.000.00
Phillip Hedrick -Jack Vanderford0.000.00
Gabe Kluttz – Josh Pressley0.000.00
Bradley Cooper0.000.00
Hunter Johnson – Randy Johnson0.000.00
Jared Leonard – Jeff Leonard0.000.00
Ronnie Smith0.000.00
Ben Robertson – Conrad Manuel0.000.00
Lee Endicott – Travis Donaldson0.000.00
Hunter Harwood – Scott Harwood0.000.00
Mark Mohler – Graeme Bosch0.000.00
Brian File – Brian Price0.000.00
Jarrett Freeze – Chayd Freeze0.000.00
Robbie Walser – Mack Lowe0.000.00
Thomas Ludwick – Tom File0.000.00

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