Eric & Rusty Brown Win CATT Neuse River, NC Spring Final June 29, 2024


We had a great Spring on the Neuse River! The Fall schedule will be posted this coming week so check back by! If you’ve fished with us, you will receive an email with the schedule!

**The money recap is listed at the bottom of all CATT results! We hold back a portion of each Neuse River Qualifier that goes into the Neuse River Final Fund! ALL of this is listed! At the Neuse River Final the Final Fund is added to the Neuse River Final entry fees and 100% is paid back at the Final!

By entering any 2 – 2024 Fall CATT events or 2 – 2025 Spring CATT events you will qualify to enter the 2025 CATT Championship on Kerr May 17-18! $10,000 1st Place!

Eric & Rusty Brown with the 2024 Neuse River Spring Final with 5 bass weighing 20.36 lbs!

Team  BFWeightWinnings
Eric Brown – Rusty Brown4.8620.36$1,680.00
Cody Aman – Austin King4.5817.37$920.00
Brady Mohiser – Garrett Brown6.1416.64$445.00
Tom Warner – Ronald Vaughn0.0011.64
Benjamin Dillahunt3.6811.04
Bubba Barnett – Tripp Grimsley0.0011.02
Brody Bown0.0010.00
Nick Arnold3.149.47
Chad Oberhauser – Tony Crabb2.178.64
Tom Tripp0.007.37
Gabe Griffith – Richard Dominic2.657.04
Dave Grantham – Mark Game0.006.80
Greg Milligan0.006.76
Antwan D Moore Jr – Antwan L Moore Sr0.000.00
Ryan killinger – Dickie Killinger0.000.00
Dwight Scholer – Jerry Padgett0.000.00