Sunday, April 14, 2024

The Bass Cast Kayak Series

BCKBS May Recap and Results

May was a busy month for the anglers who fish the Bass Cast Kayak Bass Series. We kicked off the month with a month-long...

Dustin Good Wins Bass Cast Kayak Bass Series Farmville Challenge

The 25 anglers who participated in the Farmville Challenge had the opportunity to choose from five different fisheries in the FarmVille area to see...

The Farmville Kayak Challenge Captains Meeting

If you missed tonight's captains meeting or you forgot something that Danielle said then click the link to go back & watch again or...

Jonathan Graham Wins Bass Cast Kayak Series event on Leesville Lake with 78.25″

Leesville Tournament The Bass Cast Kayak Bass Series kicked off our season with 29 anglers braving a chilly and windy event on Leesville Lake.  It was...

The Bass Cast Kayak BASS Series Leesville Lake Captains Meeting

If you missed tonight’s captains meeting just click the link & enter the password. FYI everyone must watchPasscode: t7&^Jvba CLICK HERE TO WATCH