1st – Dean and Trey Perrin with a weight of 16.46lbs  worth $1500.00 plus additional $500.00 for being highest placing finisher that fished at least 3 qualifiers and another $200.00 for 1st side pot totaling $2,200.00 for the day.

2nd – Larry Wollershiem and Preston Cox with a weight of 15.52lbs worth $700.00 and also had 2nd big fish @ 5.87 for a extra $48.00 totaling $748.00

3rd – Eric Johnson and Nathan Sullivan with 15.02 lbs worth $250.00 anchored with the big fish at 6.85 adding another $112.00 giving them a total of $362.00

Thanks to Chris @ Sturgeon Creek Marina for allowing us use the facilities there. He also donated several t-shirts and ramp passes throughout the season.

Thanks again for a great season and looking forward to next year!

Trey Perrin – Dean Perrin5.8316.46$2,200.00
Larry Wollershiem – Preston Cox5.8715.52$748.00
Nathan Sullivan – Eric Johnson6.8515.02$362.00
Wil Vickery – Dee Kidd5.5714.51
Scott Sullivan – Jonathan Mullins4.5113.15
Matt Martin – Chris Anthony4.3712.84
Larry Blanks – Josh Hall4.9612.47
Mike Webster – Mike Wandel0.0012.11
Clay Gatewood – Jeff Parish0.0012.02
Brian Green – Chris Armstrong0.0010.56
Scott Taylor – Gene Hall4.2210.22
Eric Kunz – Joe Kunz0.009.65
Sam Taylor – Spencer Varner0.009.64
Bill Powers – Dave Mossberg0.006.91
Chris Jones – Tom Toews0.000.00
Scott Conners – Troy Perry0.000.00