Jay Wright & Mickey Anderson win the Gaston point and will receive free entry to all 2023 Gaston Qualifiers! ***2023 will be the last year we will award free entry to all Qualifiers. After next Spring Gaston Qualifiers are complete point winners will receive free entry to the Gaston Final ONLY! Same as we do at all the CATT Trails that host tournaments on 1 Lake or River!

Jay Wright & Rob Lee win Gaston with 5 bass weighing 20.22 lbs!

Jay Allen & Scott Griffin 2nd with 19.32 lbs!

3rd went to Randy Groves & Chuck Murray with 18.91 lbs!

4th Place Shawn Hammock & Flash Butts 18.56 lbs!

Jay Wright Rob Lee4.7820.22$1,020.00110
Jay Allen Scott Griffin4.4219.32$555.00109
Chuck Murry Randy Groves4.8618.91$140.00108
Flash Butts Shawn Hammack5.1218.56$105.00107
Dennis Bradley Matt Bradley5.0217.32$45.00106
Shane Doughtie Evan White4.7216.44105
Nelson Mayton Chris McDaniel4.2415.00104
John Murdock Jake Murdock0.0014.26103
Adam Richardson Gene Richardson0.0012.26102
Michael Scott Jarrett Yarborough0.0012.12101
Hunter Kendrick Johnny Kendrick0.0011.60100
Curtis Vick Shaquille Freeman0.005.5299
Glenn Tribble Grady Tribble0.000.0089
Michael Hobbs Larry Hobbs0.000.0089
Jeff Bradley Allen White0.000.0089
Ricky Todd Jerry Cullom0.000.0089
Total Entrys$1,800.00
BONUS $$400.00
Total Paid At Ramp$1,865.00
Gaston 2022 Spring Final Fund$300.00
2022 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2022 Gaston Spring Final Fund Total$1,740.00