Next James River CATT is June 25th at Osbourne!

2022 James River Point Winners Receive Free Entry Into All 2023 James River Qualifiers Excluding the Final!
2nd In the James River Points $500
3rd In the James River Points $250
4th In the James River Points $150
5th In the James River Points $100
CATT GOLD – $120 Entry $130 at Ramp
Final – $160 Entry $170 at Ramp
Optional Sidepot – $50
James River Membership – $35 Per Person


Blastoff Position is Determined By Order Of Payment
Must fish 3 of 7 Qualifiers to Fish Final
Fishing solo once & with sub once counts toward teams Qualification
You may fish solo and you can Qualify solo for the James River Final

ATTTENTION – Make up date for the postponed March 12th Qualifier will be July 9th at Osbourne!

We had a great crowd with 65 teams entering! Check out the top 4 money paying places! Entry fee is ONLY $120 per team!

Remember you can scroll down to the bottom of each results sheet and view the money recap! NO OTHER TRAIL DOES THIS! We hold back a portion of the entry fees at each James River qualifier….usually around 5% which goes towards the James River Final Purse. $100 of each tourney is deducted from the entry fees for—$50 for the CATT Championship and $50 for the James River Points! The James River Trail pays $1,000 total in point money so we add membership money to the point fund. Thanks for fishing  with us!

Luke Carson & Darrin Zollar took home $2,000.00 with 5 bass weighing up at 22.56 lbs topping the 65 boat field!

Tristen Korne weighed the 2nd BF at 6.07 lbs!

Greg Fernandez with a 6 pounder!

CATT Championship is May 21-22 at Kerr! If you’ve entered 2 CATT events since June 2021 you’re eligible! Tap on Divisions for more info!

Luke Carson – Darrin Zollar5.7922.56$2,000.00110
Jeff Hamilton – Jason Bishop4.6820.49$1,000.00109
Ray Hogge- Donnie Daniels0.0020.32$1,070.00108
Robby Harris – Austin Minto6.4220.31$1,048.00107
Jared Bass – Luke Nickert5.7119.86$450.00106
Jay Griffin – Charles Kline4.9318.09$350.00105
Greg Cooper – Clay Lewis0.0018.08$550.00104
Marshall Johnson – Ryan Lachinet0.0017.63$250.00103
Tripp & Brent Mistr4.7917.39$215.00102
Kelly Robinette – David Barlow0.0017.38$175.00101
Greg Fernandez – Steven Tate6.0417.18$150.00100
Mickey Anderson – Bo Boltz0.0017.00$140.0099
Trey Goodman- Tim Chaffin5.9616.38$120.0098
Curtis & CJ Combs5.6016.1997
Landon Tucker – Ronnie Slaughter0.0016.1596
Joey Cooke – Justin Hall0.0016.0595
John Koren- Tristan Koren6.0715.94$192.0094
Jeff Sutton – Nick Passlalcqua0.0015.8493
Charles James- John Conway0.0015.2892
Renee & Roger Walters0.0015.1691
Aaron Lucy – Reed Clay0.0014.6990
Rick Rodrigurez- chuck Racklety0.0014.5089
Nate Kilgore – Chaz Carrington0.0014.3588
Richard Mistr – Tom Ownes0.0014.2987
Clyde Baldwin – Jeff Davis0.0014.2586
Christopher & Benny Wingfield0.0013.8285
James Tilley – Andy Walker0.0013.6784
Howard & Mark Austin0.0013.5783
Walter & William Woodall3.6613.5582
Brian Brooks – Donnie Meade0.0013.4681
Dave Carney – John Dunn0.0013.2480
Charkes Ramer – Ernest Revels0.0013.1779
Cory Dunnavent – Kennon Ball0.0013.0578
Jeff Valentine – Daryl Moody0.0012.9777
Wayne & Ryan Drewery0.0012.8176
Jay Tisley- P jones0.0012.6775
Jason Bishop – Stan Bishop0.0012.5474
Paul & Francis Martin4.8412.4573
Jordan Hineman0.0012.1772
Brian Snipes – Chris Cockrell0.0012.0271
Jake & Jesse Kidd0.0011.8070
Cody Lucy- Chris Bowen0.0011.7869
Jeff Banko0.0011.5968
Rusty Alley – Dan Robison0.0011.2767
Jeff Ludlow – Billy Edwards0.0011.0766
Neal & Rodeny Allen0.0010.9852
Stacey Vasser – Johnathon Ceaser0.0010.9065
Audy Murphey- Chris Droman0.0010.5964
Joey & Chris DeLuke0.009.8263
James McDowell0.009.6762
James & Jimmy Condrey0.009.5461
Melissa & Kevin Davis0.009.4260
William Allen – Mike Martiniz0.008.6359
Jamie Nealy – Greg Ball0.008.4458
Billy Hicks0.008.0357
Wayne Tyler – Ed Jordan0.006.8756
Bryan Kean – Evan Anderson0.005.8855
Harvey Reese – Anthony Weithers0.000.0045
Linwood Shores0.000.0045
John Woodward – Ryan Stilner0.000.0045
Tommy Little – Robert Bruguiere0.000.0045
Chuck Comer – Don Warren0.000.0045
Chris Mcdaniel- Matt Kite0.000.0045
Scott Rodgers- Colin Rodgers0.000.0045
Casey Logan – Skeet Dalton0.000.0045
Total Entrys$7,680.00
BONUS $$600.00
Total Paid At Ramp$7,710.00
2022 James River Spring Final Fund$470.00
2022 CATT Championship Fund$50.00
2022 James River Spring Final Fund Total$950.00


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