Savannah River Division CATT Spring season is in the books.

Congratulations to our top three finishers in the final.
1st place Patrick Findley and Joseph Garnto with 18.54Lbs and big fish of 5.77 Lbs worth $1,905.00!
2nd Place was Mel Long and Felix Stanley with 16.02Lbs and 2nd big fish of 4.93Lbs.
3rd place and fishing alone was Garrett Brown with 13.37 Lbs.

We also awarded our division points leaders who led the pack throughout the season Tim Roundtree and Al Pittman.

Patrick Findley/Joseph Garnto5.7718.54$1,905.00
Mel Long/Felix Stanley4.9316.02$795.00
Garrett Brown0.0013.37$200.00
Joe Toth0.0011.02
Gary Lee Jr.0.0010.66
Brian Eason/Billy Martini0.009.37
Weston Wilkes/Curt Sutton0.009.32
Daniel Grassi0.009.01
Mac Sampey0.008.09
Jonathan Crosby/Crystal Crosby0.007.86
Danny Houck/Susan Houck0.007.71
Tim Roundtree/Al Pittman0.007.50
Tony Cook /Carl Rogers0.007.11
Paul Johnson/Adam Wood0.000.00
Richard Boatright0.000.00