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Few stars within the bass fishing industry have shone quite as brightly over the past month, as Hank Cherry. Cherry just wrapped up his second Bassmaster Classic win in as many years, becoming only the fourth angler to accomplish this feat.

Though this accomplishment is certainly of value to any angler, Cherry’s repeat championship will also prove valuable to his numerous sponsors. After all, sponsorship is the driving force that provides the majority of anglers with the opportunity to live out their dreams. In return, these sponsors themselves hope to gain brand recognition on an angler’s behalf.

Some of Cherry’s most notable sponsors include Berkley, BassCat, Garmin, Abu Garcia, Mercury, and Picasso Lures. Each of these sponsors can expect a return on their investment over the months to come, in response to Cherry’s continued dominance on the water. This cause is further aided by Hank Cherry’s continued loyalty to those brands, which have shown him support throughout the years.

In essence, Hank Cherry is to Garmin and BassCat boats, what Michael Jordan is to Nike. In fact, Cherry likely sold more LiveScope units during 2020 than any other single individual, due solely to his testament toward the unit’s effectiveness. This is a fact that most companies are well aware of, as main players within the fishing industry attempt to lock down deals with some of the nation’s top pros.

To say that Cherry has done his numerous sponsors justice over the past couple of years is a vast understatement. As one can guess, each of Cherry’s sponsors has likely gained quite the return on their initial investment.

It is difficult to argue with success, of which Cherry has had his fair share. When a two-time Bassmaster Classic Champion says that a particular product works, fellow anglers take note. That, in itself, is the true value that a repeat Classic Champion offers his sponsors, in return for continued support.


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