Finesse Flipping the Pre-Spawn
Everyone that has spent enough time on the water in the spring has had it happen to them. You are on a strong jig bite that seemingly disappears when a warming trend pushes the water temperatures around the sixty degree mark. The fish that were crushing a jig either won’t touch it or bite very finicky. Those fish haven’t left and you can still catch them flipping. When this happens you need go finesse….kind of.
When the water temperature creeps up near sixty degrees, I go to a more compact soft plastic for my bait of choice and downsize my line diameter. I like to go to a creature bait, like a Brush Hog or a Big Bite Baits Yomama. I also downsize my line from twenty pound flurocarbon to sixteen pound Sunline Shooter Flurocarbon on a 7’4” Heavy Quantum Smoke rod. Smaller diameter line is key since it gives you a better fall and allows you to control your lighter, more stream lined bait better.
In the next few weeks, when the fish get close to spawning, put the jig down and go flippin’ finesse. I bet you will get more bites and still have the quality to go with it!