Thursday, November 30, 2023

Spro Fat John


Spro Fat John – The Four-wheel drive crankbait!
Spro has recently expanded their Little John series to include a fat (but still flat) crankbait. This bait isn’t just a bulked up version of the Little John, it is completely different with features such as a different bill angle, slightly longer length, and a fat body that creates a nice thumping wobble along with the elusive “hunting” action that generates more strikes.
The Fat John comes equipped with sticky #3 Gamakatsu trebles and a finish that is one of the most durable in the industry. This bait can be thrown just about anywhere there is water and it will come back looking pretty or with a fish in tow. The Fat John is excellent in and around wood cover so this will be a great spring time crankbait or one that works wonders on the region’s tidal fisheries. The Fat John will run two to three feet on fifteen pound line but you can downsize your line to get another foot or two out of it. Spro is offering this bait in eight of their best colors and should be waiting for you at your local tackle store or at .

“The Stare down!- Note the differences in thickness between the original Spro Little John 50 (left) and the new Fat John 60 (right)”

“The greater degree of the bill angle on the Fat John allows for better deflection in heavy cover as well as a wider wobble than the original Little John.”

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