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Who’s going home with the Hardware: 2012 Bassmaster Classic – By Will Petty


Who’s going home with the Hardware: 2012 Bassmaster Classic

It’s that time of the year again and I am excited! The Bassmaster’s Classic starts this week and the guys are on the Red River searching for the winning pattern that will either solidify their career or further embed their name in the record books. Central Virginia Bass Cast has their fantasy fishing season getting ready to kick off as well and I figured I would give my opinion on who I think will take home the hardware at the Classic. In no particular order, here are the five anglers that I believe stand a better than most chance at the “W.”

Edwin Evers
Edwin should be on everyone’s short list at just about every event. He has been one of the most consistent anglers on tour over the last few years and you can chalk that up to his versatility. He can win doing just about anything and I think that is going to be a major key to this event due to the constantly changing variables that only a river system can kick out.

Mike Iaconelli
Ok here is one of my most obvious picks. Ike finished second to Skeet Reese (who is not fishing this event) in 2009. Ike has a ton of experience fishing river systems and almost always is in the hunt when it comes to these events. I also believe that he has been so close so many times that he is going to win another one sooner rather than later. This could be his year.

Todd Faircloth
Todd sort of flies under the radar a whole lot more than he should. He has extensive knowledge of the Red and is a threat in any event that he enters. Faircloth is also a very versatile angler and, as I stated earlier, I believe this event will force anglers to make changes on the fly.

Brandon Palaniuk
This is one of my two “dark horse” picks that really aren’t. Brandon might lack the experience of the rest of the field but he makes up for it in shear desire to win as well as a previous victory on the river. Though it was at a different time of the year, the confidence that goes with a win definitely plays a big role in future successes.

Brent Chapman
Brent is coming into this event after a fish off victory in the Lake Lewisville Open. There is a lot to say about momentum in fishing. Couple that with the fact that Chapman always shows up for the big one and you could be looking at a very good shot at taking home the trophy.

I know what a lot of you are probably thinking, where is KVD? I, by no means, want to count out KVD because he has been unstoppable over the last three or four seasons, but I think this will be someone else’s Classic to win.

These are just my picks for the Classic but make sure you sign up for Fantasy Fishing and try your hand at the great prizes!

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