Virginia Tech Bass Fishing Team Club Tournament
Last Sunday, the Virginia Tech Bass Fishing Team had their 5th Club Tournament of the year on Claytor Lake. Claytor has been producing phenomenally all winter (due to castable umbrella rigs and warm weather) but she decided to clam up for us on Sunday. Though most of the Team had good catches practicing Friday and Saturday in the warming weather, for whatever reason the fish decided to not bite lake-wide.
I caught up with the winners Ryan Saville and Tyler Meighan for an explanation of the winning pattern. They fished homemade Alabama Rigs with 3 and 3.5 inch swimbaits on the outside and a 4 inch swimbait on the inside. They used a combination of Swimming Flukes, Shad-A-Licious swimbaits, and Money Minnows on ¼ ounce heads. According to Tyler, the key for their big bites was taking advantage of the brief periods of sun between rain showers and “situating [their] boat in 20-30 feet of water [and] casting to points.” They spent all their time on the main lake fishing for winter fish that had yet to move up.
Both Ryan and Tyler are first years on the Virginia Tech Bass Fishing Team and though Ryan is graduating this spring, Tyler said; “I definitely feel that this will set me up for a run next year.” Considering that both Ryan and Tyler had little tournament experience prior to this year it is certainly a great accomplishment for them.