One Stop Mart Tournament Series

We had our third event of the year on the beautiful Smith Mountain Lake and 18 boats showed up to share in the Jewel of the Blue Ridges bounty. We launched out of Smith Mountain Lake State Park along with two other tourneys , so between those and turkey season and ball games did not quite have the expected turnout but was great to see all that did show up .We had one of the best days for smallmouth to be weighed since this series was started with Ben Reynolds taking home lunker smallmouth with a 4 lb brute , also weighed was a 3.6 lb by Jeff Martin ,a 3.4 lb by Brian Calloway and Cleave Easome . Lunker largemouth went to Kasey Mays with a 4.4 lb . We had a tie for first place that ended up being decide by big fish . Thanks to all that came out .

One Stop Mart.

1st Place

Jeff Ferguson

Mike Phillips 14.2 lbs Big fish broke tie

2nd Place

Josh Adams

Bernard Taylor 14.2 lbs

3rd Place

Cleave Easome

Brian Calloway 13.6 lbs

4th Place

Ben Reynolds

Lunker Smallmouth

Ben Reynolds 4 lbs even

Lunker Largemouth

Kasey Mays 4.4 lbs