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Tips for the Classic Rebel Pop-R – by Mark Bilbrey



Tips for the Classic Rebel Pop-R

by Mark Bilbrey


65677_566366420060657_1580695375_n.jpg Classic Lure tips are easy to find. These lures have been around a long time, and the reason for that is because they do the job. One of my favorite classic lures is the Rebel Pop-R. It is probably another lure you remember from your father or grandfathers tackle box. Referred to as “plugs”, these classic lures have been catching bass for more than three decades.  “The secret bait of the pros” was what this lure was once called and it has been a top seller for years. These are one of the most imitated baits around for a good reason they work.



ThumbS3.jpg When I was a senior in high school I remember when Memphis Tennessee angler Zell Roland won the Super Invitational in Chattanooga on the Tennessee River, which renewed the fame of the classic lure and got a bit of attention for my state as well during the “Homecoming” that was celebrated that same year.  

The Pop-R can be fished successfully through most of the year here in Tennessee. From early spring when the water temperature reaches fifty-five degrees on until late fall when the water drops back down to fifty-five degrees again these lure excel in morning and evening and overcast days..

ThumbSmm3.jpg The Pop-R is very versatile and can be fished shallow, around weed lines, and over submerged cover. The lure performs well in many situations, but will hang up in cover. With a six and a half to seven foot medium action rod with a limber tip is the best for these top water lures. A rod of this design compensates for the natural reaction of anglers to “set the hook” when they get a top water strike. The limber tip of the rod allows the bass time eat the lure before the angler over reacts. The medium action soft tip performs even better with a heavy 12 –15 lb test monofilament line.       

 The secret to correctly getting the Pop-R to create the “pop” and “chug” sound and the “spitting water” effect is all in the action of the wrist as you move the rod tip. Some anglers actually sand the lure down smooth the give it a slight “walk the dog” action of side to side motion as it is chugged along.    

ThumbSvdv3.jpg  Experiment with time that you pause between pops and pauses until you find what’s right. The fish will soon let you know what they like. In warm water shorten the time between the pops, and as the water cools down near fall longer pauses between pops produces better results. Don’t pass up a lure just because it is “old school”, give these classics a try and you will see why they have been around so long.  

Happy Fishing!


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