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Castaway Anglers – Leesville Lake Club Tournament Results – 8/17/2013


We had a great tournament yesterday at Leesville Lake. Never thought we would be wearing sweat shirt all day in the middle of August, but we were. It rained off and on but no real down pours which was a blessing. Congrats to the Funks for the win with 15.86 lbs. and having big fish with a 4.66 lb. largemouth. Farmer/Kluender took second with 12.80 lbs. and Eubank/Keane finished third with 10.64 lbs. Congrats to everybody who fished with Castaway Anglers yesterday and this year. I will get an email out to let everybody know who made the Classic next month on Leesville and Smith Mt. (September 14th & 15th). The standings for 2013 are attached. Thanks.
Hey Everybody,




Our Classic is next month (September 14th & 15th) on Leesville Lake (Saturday) and Smith Mt. Lake (Sunday). Congrats to John and Mike Funk who won the club for the year and will have their entry fee paid for by the club (still have to pay for the big fish pot). The entry fee for the rest of us is $50 a boat and a $20 a boat big fish pot (team or single). There is a big fish pay out for both days. Tournament hours will be 7 AM to 4 PM both days going out of the state ramp (Leesville – dam) and the state park (Smith Mt.). Below are the club members who have qualified and anybody with two tournaments you can contact me about buying your way into the Classic.. See the list below to see where you stand. Thanks.












John Funk


Mike Funk


Mark Willis


Mike Wood


Ken Millner


Tom Langford


Ron Slagle


Chris Day


Jason Harris


Justin Tyree


Ronnie Eagle


Jimmy Thomas


Donald Orange


Deron Walker


Jeremy Edwards


Brian Stachowiak


Tyler Stachowiak


Vinnie Walter


Mike Angel


Marvin Doss


Melvin Jennings


Guys with Two Tournaments:


Tyler Farmer


Matt Kluender


Alan Blondino


Matt Blondino


Matt Eubank


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